What seedlings are planted in January-February?

Какую рассаду сажают в январе-феврале?

Even the winter frost outside, and the apartments already begins preparations for the new gardening season. Sowing campaign starts in late January and it is important not to lose time, to first heat to enjoy the blossoming buds and early vegetables.

That planted seedlings in January or February?

Depending on the preferences of a particular grower and gardener there is a choice in favor of what the seedlings are planted in January-February. You can try to fit on the window sills and flower and vegetable crops, or to give preference to one thing, but to the maximum extent.

From the colors, which should be sown seedlings in January and February, we can recommend the following most vivid and varied:

  • Ragwort graceful;
  • zonal pelargonium;
  • meconopsis Sheldon;
  • the milkweed many-flowered;
  • calceolaria wrinkled;
  • Lobelia erinus;
  • delphinium;
  • Carpathian Bellflower;
  • helenium autumn;
  • clove garden;
  • Snapdragon;
  • verbena.

This is only a partial list of various colors, bright carpet from spring to late autumn will beautify the garden site, if you are not lazy and the time to sow them in winter.

But some vegetable seedlings to plant in January and February, gardeners have chosen from their gastronomic preferences. Traditionally, we have tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Where years is quite Какую рассаду сажают в январе-феврале?short, it is better to choose early and medium early varieties of vegetables that they could grow in inhospitable climatic conditions.

Residents of the southern regions can afford and late varieties of tomatoes and eggplant, not doubting that the fruits have time to ripen by autumn.

Apart from popular vegetables you can sow celery or onion ringlets, the process of growing which is very long and laborious, but because there is a possibility to reduce the time for obtaining the final result.
The seeds gave sprouts as they need fertile soil, good lighting and appropriate temperature of the contents.


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