Breath in cats causes

Запах изо рта у кошки - причины

The oral cavity of a cat is not smells minty fresh, but also smell like acetone, ammonia and rottenness at the mouth, it can hardly be called the norm. In a healthy animal’s mouth formed a microflora that does not smell. And if it is mixed with pathological, developing halitosis, unpleasant odor. So why do cats breath smells bad, and what might be connected?

Reasons for bad smell of a cat mouth

Problems with an unpleasant odor can occur because of diseases of the oral cavity — stomatitis, glasite, pharyngitis, trauma, or tumors in the mouth. To prevent this, the owner should regularly inspect the oral cavity, to care for her – to remove Tartar; when tumors – surgical intervention. Cats need to brush their teeth every day with a special paste. Leading position in the disease of the oral cavity is the deposition of plaque on the surface. This illness is directly linked to the diet of an animal he subjected to the Pets that feed on soft feed. And too much hard feed can lead to injury of the gums.

If the teeth and the cavity in order, bad breath in cats can be caused by such factors as the various diseases of the kidneys, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract. When kidney diseases of the oral cavity smells of ammonia. When a liver problem occurs with a sweet scent. If the cat is sick with diabetes, your breath will smell like acetone. A strong putrid smell says about the problems with the intestines or stomach of your pet.

In young animals up to one year odour problems are rare and most likely associated with malocclusion, foreign body or injury in the oral cavity.

In cats the average age of nine years, there is often a deposition of Tartar, which can lead even to tooth loss and damage to the gums.

Запах изо рта у кошки - причины

Cats elderly older than nine years have the significant risk of diseases of internal organs, tumors that can lead to an unpleasant smell from the mouth. A characteristic symptom of diseases may be excessive water consumption that the owner should pay special attention.

In any case, to help your pet cannot, and need as quickly as possible to contact the blade. The treatment completely depends on the set of the vet diagnosis.

In cases of suspected pathology, the doctor will conduct tests and prescribe medical or surgical treatment.


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