Golden fish aquarium

Золотая аквариумная рыбка

Breed aquarium fishes originates from freshwater ray-finned fish of the genus carp. Among all the inhabitants of the aquarium, a gold fish is, the long history, it was known in China in the 1500’s.

The name Golden aquarium fish (Carassius auratus), sounds like a Golden or Chinese carp. Aquarists consider this fish the most popular and beloved, having not only the appeal but also peaceful character. Gold fish is not fastidious, eat dry food, but we need to ensure that they do not overeat, this can contribute to the development of diseases.

Different types of goldfish

There are different kinds of gold aquarium fish, but they all require keeping them in a large aquarium.

Let’s consider some kinds of gold aquarium fish and care for them:

  • Valuehost. Individuals of this species reach 10 cm in length, can have a tail up to 30 cm, have a disproportionate head with big eyes. Have different colors, from plain gold to rich red, or even black. The content of these fish require a spacious aquarium with a water temperature not less than 22 degrees. The veiltail should not be kept in an aquarium with predators.
  • Золотая аквариумная рыбка

  • Telescope. There are telescopes and scaly bestexecution. These fish have huge, prominent eyes, in the form of a ball, hence they got their name. The length of the fish may be equal to 12 cm, they have a long forked fins and tail, are black, red, calico, orange color. They require the water to 25 degrees, required filtration and aeration, a large number of plants and hiding places.
  • Золотая аквариумная рыбка

  • Rukin. Fish name translates from the Japanese as «gold». The owner of a small body, large fins and a massive head, has the characteristic hump on the back. Fish is pink, white, red, brindle and calico colors. Proper care of them requires a water temperature in the tank is not less than 28 degrees, the fish cannot live in low temperature water.
  • Золотая аквариумная рыбка

  • The astrologer or celestial eye. The name of the fish is given because of the telescopic eyes. This fish has an orange-Golden color, it grows to 15 cm For 2-3 individuals content, need an aquarium of at least 100 liters. Fish love to dig in the soil, it is better to choose for them pebbles or sand are larger, the large leaf plants with large robust roots. This kind of gold fish can exist next to aggressive Pets.
  • Золотая аквариумная рыбка


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