How to grow tangerines?

Как растут мандарины?

Among the various citrus – oranges are the most favorite delicacy for many. After all, they are sweeter than orange, easy to clean and we associate with New year. Importing to us from different States, as in cold climates, these southern tropical plants cannot survive.

The history of the Mandarin

Consuming this citrus, people rarely think about how to grow tangerines, in what countries, what affects the taste and other details. Let’s enrich your knowledge about this wonderful aromatic fruit.

Tangerine trees EN masse started to be cultivated in China and later in Vietnam, although there is a version about the origin from India. But, anyway, regardless of his homeland, we can taste it, as in our days, Mandarin is cultivated in many countries. We are often imported fruit from countries of the former USSR – Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Tangerine tree – an evergreen plant with beautiful glossy, leathery leaves. It reaches a height of about 4 meters, but most often grows as a low Bush, which is a dwarf tree. So, in addition to fruiting, it is used as green garden decoration.

Many wonder how to grow tangerines without seeds. Actually for breeders it’s not a plus for consumers and a minus, because stone reproduction in this case is not available and you have to hold the cuttings to get new trees. Because the entire process of producing seedless fruits is quite time-consuming.

Growing Mandarin at home?

To get to the table juicy fruits does not necessarily follow them to the store, because you can try to grow them on the windowsill. This culture grows well in the home subject to the necessary requirements – air humidity, soil nutrient, light and temperature.

Not to entertain the illusion of ease of cultivation, it is necessary to know how much Mandarin is growing to fruiting. If the plant is planted a seed, it will take 7-8 years that it bloomed. Not to wait so long, if on 3-4 year of a life to be vaccinated with fertile trees.


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