How to plant pepper seedlings?

Как правильно посадить перцы на рассаду?

Pepper, like most southern of vegetables in our climate is grown only through seedlings. The period of time from the first germination to start fruiting takes 120-150 days. And otherwise, if you plant seeds directly into open ground, the fruits will simply not have time to ripen before the end of the season. Therefore, in order to plant pepper seedlings at home, you need to know how to do it correctly. Numerous of the nuances of growing sprouts from seeds you will have to have their own experience to try to grow these healthy and delicious vegetables.

How to plant pepper seedlings?

Plant the pepper seedlings, regardless of its type (sweet or savory), usually in several ways.

Conventional, traditional way of planting does not involve any pre-preparation. You just take the pepper seeds and planted them in prepared containers with soil. However, it has its own peculiarities.

So, for example, as a mixture for seedlings of ordinary garden peppers the ground it is best to purchase generic mixed with soil in equal shares, and if you want you can still add perlite. The latter helps preserve moisture, which will save your time is to water the seedlings have a little less.

Another feature of the pepper is that the culture is very warm and requires a lot more heat than tomatoes or, say, cucumbers. So keep seedlings preferably in a warm windowsill is South or West. Note that the peppers are cross-pollinated plants. This means that to plant, and more specifically, to swoop them better in pairs.

Somewhat different from the traditional way of planting, involving the preliminary preparation of the seeds. This may include soaking or sprouting the seed before planting in the ground, as well as calibration in saline, treatment with micronutrients or biologically active components, sparging, warming in the sun. These methods will help you to select the best, healthy, strong and fast germinating seeds and reject defective material.

Many plant seedlings of pepper on the toilet paper. This method is called «Moscow» and has its advantages: first of all, is to protect the young plants from blackleg lesions, as well as the ease of picking, simple technology and availability of materials. To plant the seeds of pepper, is the best fit cheap toilet paper that contains seeds, a plastic Cup and an ordinary plastic film.

Put on the table long section of tape equal to the width of toilet paper, and the top – he flattened the paper roll. Lightly dampen it with water from a spray bottle, lay the tweezers the seeds at an equal distance from each other. It remains to cover the second layer of film and roll into a loose roll. Put the roll into a glass, pouring water on the bottom, and cover with a plastic bag, creating a miniature Как правильно посадить перцы на рассаду?teplichku. The pepper seedlings usually appear after 5-10 days. Pick seedlings carried out when it will be will unfold and the first pair of leaves. Such landless technology allows with a minimum expenditure of labor, time and space to sprout seedlings not only peppers, but any vegetables.

Hardening of seedlings should be carried out not only in order to adapt it to the temperature conditions of the open ground, but also for the adaptation of plants to direct sunlight, that will be very important after planting to the seedbed. Without such a solar tempering your peppers «burn» and will have a few weeks to recover from the roots.


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