Household gas meter

Бытовой счетчик газа

To calculate the spent cubic meters of gas, and accordingly the payment for it, in the apartment or private home should be installed household gas meter. It can be purchased from gas facilities or purchased independently, at a more favourable price – benefit, of the stores involved in the implementation of this instrumentation is sufficient.

But not any household gas meter is suitable for a particular room. It is important to consider the number of gas appliances in it, and the more, the more bandwidth needs to be at the device – it is shown by the number on the housing. For example, the apartment can only be installed gas stove or hob and gas boiler. For such a large number of devices suitable for one type of counters (four). And for a country house, where gas and heating need to take into account the boiler (six or more).

Types of domestic gas meters

Various types of these devices there are several, but not all of them use the same demand when installed indoors. Price at the counter is also different and depends on the manufacturer and the internal structure of the hardware – the easier it is, the cheaper the meter. For residential premises have the following types of devices:

  • electronic;
  • membrane;
  • mechanical/rotary;
  • volume;
  • small.

Electronic domestic gas meter

The most common model is a variant with electronics and digital display. Such a counter, usually of small size, which means that the apartment will be just right.

Thanks to electronic (ultrasonic) device he clearly believes missed cubic meters of gas and almost fails. Depending on the manufacturer in fact it should be taken extremely rarely – every ten years, which makes it even more attractive to the consumer.

Diaphragm gas meter

On this model insist the workers of the gas sector, because of error in its work is minimal, and it takes into account any substance that passes through it. But for the consumer it is not very well, as hinder our gas is often different cheaper components and do not disdain to add to the mix of air.

There is another counter where a strange gas mixture refuses to fix, diaphragm picks up the slightest change of pressure in the gas system. The advantage of this device is its low cost compared to other types of gas meters.

Mechanical/rotary household gas meter

This device is the oldest of all, as it was with him began the use of gas in private households. But old does not mean bad. Mechanics, of course, has small errors but they are minor.

During the planned verification, which is provided in 5-8 years, the gas company often recommends to replace it with a modern membrane. This is not required, since the mechanical meter has all the necessary certificates and confirmed by the GOST.

Volumetric gas counter

This counter still called rotary because the gas pressure drives the rotor which is the main mechanism of the counter. This type of meter is rarely used in everyday life, but can be installed where there is a large consumption of gas.

Бытовой счетчик газа

Compact gas meter

This type of domestic gas meters is very suitable for apartment, if it is not clear how to choose from a wide selection. The name itself speaks for itself – it takes up very little space and therefore are ideal for a small kitchen in a small apartment, as it is in this room according to the plan set similar equipment.

No matter which type of meter is chosen, the consumer needs to know that installation is carried out only by workers of the gas stations that have a special permit to conduct such operations.


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