Three-phase meter

Трехфазный счетчик

Electric meters are currently installed in each apartment, office or office building. But sometimes when it becomes necessary to change the old meter with a new one, we go to the store and get lost on the abundance of models, not knowing what to choose.

In this article, you will learn about single phase meter from three phase, and how to choose a device that will suit your needs.

What are the counters?

So, any domestic electric meter is needed to measure the amount of consumed electricity for a certain period of time. The object of this measure is AC current.

Counters are known, are one — and three-phase – this is their main distinction. The first is used mainly for apartment buildings and private houses, garages, cottages, offices. They are suitable for power lines with operating voltage of 220 V and the corresponding frequency of 50 Hz. But three-phase meters set where the mains voltage is 380 To: for example, in large industrial enterprises. But you should know that these devices can support single-phase accounting, that is used in the voltage as 220 and 380 V. It is convenient for owners of large houses there installed power-consuming equipment (electric boilers, heaters, etc.). For this is the domestic three-phase meter.

In addition, these devices can be induction or electronic. Meters, using the principle of electromagnetic induction, are more common. They are fitted with rotating disc, unlike electronic counters, where such an element is a flashing warning light.

And, finally, the counters come in single and multi-rate. Very popular models such as the three-phase two-tariff meter. However, the feasibility of its purchase and installation, you need to count individually, because not in all regions there are system of differentiated tariffs.

Three-phase electric meter – features selection

Before you buy the counter read the following information, which you can make the right choice:

  • To find out what device you need, look at the scoreboard of your existing counter. If there is a figure of 220, then it’s simple – feel free to purchase a single phase meter. If this figure 220/380 need to buy three-phase model.
  • For the operation of the electric meter in the room where the air temperature can drop below 0°C, choose a model, in the passport which indicates the corresponding temperature limits. Ordinary domestic meters usually are not designed for freezing temperatures.
  • Buying the counter in the store, be sure to check the presence of seals. If electronic models is usually set one seal, then their induction should be at least two. At least one of them is the seal of hooverites, while the second may be a print of the TCI factory. Choose seals are installed on the mounting screws and can be external (lead or plastic) or internal (embedded in the deepening black or red mastic). Трехфазный счетчикThe seals must have a clear impression and be without any mechanical damage.
  • Another important point when buying a three phase meter is a timeline for when it will need to take for the next government inspection. For the old induction models is typically 6-8 years, and for newer electronic – up to 16 years. Note: if the calibration interval specified in the passport counter, much less, it may indicate inadequate quality of the instrument you are buying.
  • And don’t forget that before replacing the old counter, and after you install new, be sure to invite a specialist from a local organization for the sale of electricity, which will seal your three-phase meter.

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