Led lights for seedlings

Светодиодная подсветка для рассады

Most vegetable and flower crops in our latitudes is grown through seedlings. Seeds are sown in January-February when the daylight hours are still very short, and such conditions are insufficient for proper photosynthesis. So gardeners when growing seedlings using artificial illumination. It comes in different types: as a rule, this special fitolamp, as well as mercury, sodium (normal and metallogaloidnye), fluorescent and led lamps for illumination of the seedlings on the windowsill. Incandescent lamps for these purposes is not used, as they are very uneconomical and do not give as much light as heat, and the tiny tender shoots can easily get burned.

Most often used today by two varieties – fityani and led backlight. However, fitolamp too expensive, their purchase pays off only if you grow plants for subsequent sale. But the illumination of the seedlings at home led lamps became more popular following due to its advantages.

Advantages of led lamps for illumination of the seedlings

Compared to other varieties of lamps for seedlings led lighting has several important advantages:

  • efficiency and durability due to low voltage, minimum energy consumption and no need to change burned out light bulbs;
  • the choice of light spectrum and combination of the most important ones (blue and red);
  • adjust the light intensity;
  • LEDs do not flicker and do not generate any infrared or ultraviolet radiation;
  • LED lamps do not contain gas, mercury and other toxic substances, does not cause difficulties with their utilization;
  • if desired the led can be made independently. Location of led strips for optimum illumination of the seedlings should have a ratio of 2:1 (2 red, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 blue, etc.).


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