Than to scrub the super glue?

Чем оттереть супер клей?

Connection-based cyanoacrylate that will bond quickly all from any objects to the toes – called super glue. And if the tool came to the right place, on clothes, hands or other surfaces, to remove it quite difficult. But clear glue maybe if you put some effort.

What you can do the super glue?

If super glue get on your favorite thing, there is the question of how to scrub the clothes and save your favourite pair of pants or blouse? Any fat is the enemy of glue, so the soap will help to cope with a stain. A wet cloth need a good lather and RUB well in warm water. If the material is delicate things (chiffon or silk), you can add water in lemon or vinegar, or pour a spoon of vinegar on the stain and wait a couple of minutes. In some cases it is possible to deal with glue by means of glycerine, margarine, shortening or oil. These funds need to RUB the stain until the glue is removed, then wash.

If the previous methods do not work, and the question of what to do the super glue is still relevant, you can use the acetone or Polish remover. These substances gradually dissolve the glue. You need to apply them on a cloth and RUB the stain, leave for ten minutes and wash the product with soap and water. You may have to repeat this cleaning several times.

The glue does not tolerate the heat, so to remove it use even high temperature. You need to put on the stain both sides of a cotton cloth several times and ironed iron. Glue will go on the fabric, which was appended. Things may be a spot, which after washing will be removed.

Getting glue on the floor is not a disaster. To clean super glue from laminate, you can use the acetone to start experimenting in the unseen place, and leave thinner spots on the coating. Need to drip the acetone on the stain from the glue and wait a few minutes to soften, and then scrape the glue from the floor with a soft spatula or knife wound, to avoid damaging the laminate.

To remove super glue is also used ethanol. Чем оттереть супер клей?
Alcohol does not soften the glue, but weakens it, then blot gently removed by mechanical scraping. As a solvent, you can use the Dimexidum – drug-sold in the pharmacy. It actively dissolves the glue for several minutes. After that, the surface or the fabric should be well swabbed. This method is not suitable for cleaning plastic – it can destroy its surface.

Thus, ways to remove super glue a lot, it depends on the duration of contamination and material, which got the glue. One or several methods will give the desired result.


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