How to remove foam from clothes?

Как удалить монтажную пену с одежды?

Construction foam is a popular tool during maintenance. If stains remain on clothes, remove them is quite difficult. Get rid of the foam using conventional means and the wash will not work, but still some methods can help.

How to remove from clothes dried foam?

The hardened foam from the clothes can be rubbed away, but before that you need something to dissolve, as it quickly adheres to the tissue.
Strong solvents cannot be used because they will certainly ruin fabric color.

You can use Dimexidum, medicine from the pharmacy – it is a good solvent for the foam. Cut off the top layer of foam with a knife on the apply Dimexide. After softening the foam becomes elastic, and it is possible to remove the plate.

As the solvent to remove the foam, you can use the gasoline. A cotton swab to soak in gasoline and apply to soiled area. The foam will dissolve and can be washed off with a cloth under running water. The clothes then need to be processed in the normal stain remover.

A sells a special aerosol cleaners. The foam to be cut with a knife and the remains to try to process this tool is applied for twenty minutes on the soiled part and clean with a sponge. The product after that you should wash active powder.

Dirty thing can be put in the freezer. When the foam solidifies, try to remove it with a knife, and acetone Polish remover to clean any residue. Then thoroughly wash clothes.

The foam gradually collapses under the influence of sunlight. You can try to put the » bad » thing in the sun every day to stretch the foam, and it will gradually keep up with the material.

The dried foam to clean tougher than fresh, so you need together with to buy a special foam cleaner. To treat the soiled surface immediately after contamination the best option.


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