How to clean pans stainless steel from carbon?

Как отчистить кастрюли из нержавейки от нагара?

Stainless steel cookware is attractive because it has a shiny surface. Over time, the stainless surface dull, covered with spots and residue.

Clean the pan of a Deposit

Coke in the pot can be eliminated by adding into water citric acid after the water is boiling, all scale itself superbly departs.
The stainless steel pan can be filled with water for some time, drain the water and sprinkle the bottom with salt for two to three hours. After a time the bottom safely washed with a sponge and detergent.

Clean the pan of a Deposit can be made by using vinegar. At the bottom poured the vinegar on two or three hours, then the residue is easily washed with a cloth.

Perfectly cleans pots of the usual white. On the bottom middle of the pan pour a tablespoon of white or boiled. After the white inside the dishes wash detergent and clean water.

Activated charcoal can also be used for treatment of sludge in the pan. Grind pills into a powder and sprinkle on the bottom of the burnt pan. Cover with water for fifteen minutes and rinse.

A product like whey, will also help to remove the soot from the pan. It is filled to the bottom of the pan for 24 hours and then can be washed in the usual way. Whey contains acid due to which the soot needs to move away from the surface.

How to clean a stainless steel pot from soot on the outside?

If you need to clean not only the inner surface of the dish, then a good way of getting rid of burnt elements is boiling utensils in a soda solution. In a large pot put the dirty pan and pour in the solution: 6 litres of water one pack of soda. The water should cover the pan completely. After boiling, you need to keep it on a slow fire for about two hours. When the pan has cooled, wash it as usual. With this method clears the soot and grease for all hard to reach places, the pan will acquire its original look. In some cases, to even soda, you can add 100 gr. paper glue. This is the most effective and simple way.

Hard brushes or sponges to stainless steel cannot be used. To give this dish a glossy Shine, you can RUB it with a cut potato slices. A solution of 10 drops of ammonia in a liter of water may also return to the original luster stainless steel. Stainless steel cookware it is recommended to clean regularly to increase its service life.


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