What to give to friends on their wedding anniversary?

Что подарить друзьям на годовщину свадьбы?

Every family has a special day that the couple celebrated with joy wedding anniversary. Cherish this holiday young couples, just starting family life, and, of course, those who have already lived together for many years and are celebrating a round anniversary. Friends on the anniversary of the wedding is to give gifts according to the folklore traditions, related to the number of lived years.

A gift for the cotton wedding

The first anniversary for married couples is very important, because this year has become for couples a kind of probation. Still has not cooled the love and lost of bright colors, but it is believed that the relationship is quite thin and fragile, so the first anniversary is popularly called calico.

What friends to give for first wedding anniversary? Traditional chintz now replaced textiles. Very handy on this day include bed linen, towels, bedspreads, bathrobes, curtains, tablecloths. If the couple is already expecting a baby, it would be appropriate to give diapers or baby blankets.

Wedding anniversary friends original gift would be, for example, a set of pillowcases with pictures of husband and wife, or vest: blue husband and wife — pink.

What to give for wedding anniversary to friends — ideas

Young couples will love ordered as a gift themed photoshoot that will capture this day for them for life. You can order the experts on heraldry manufacturing family coat of arms with the initials or symbolic elements name, or transfer the master photos of the couple to create dolls – miniatures of a husband and wife.

It is now fashionable to give the impression, not only things. For example, a walk on a yacht, horse-drawn carriage, limousine or by horse.

Any gift will delight and fortify the relationship in a young family, and, of course, you need to wish to spouses to live together at least until the 50th anniversary is Golden anniversary.


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