Tricks of the trade: how to learn vocabulary words

Every teacher will say that the vocabulary words are very important: their knowledge helps us to learn how to properly write in Russian. How to help your child learn vocabulary words?

Маленькие хитрости: как выучить словарные слова

Every mother is what to learn with the child vocabulary words: a lot of them, they are all different. Time to learn, takes a lot, and the result is often not pleasing. What can you do?

To teach, of course. And try to make cramming was less, and the study turned into a game. Here are some tips that may help cope with a complex, but necessary vocabulary words.

· The teacher gave a list of dictionary words? Great! Consider where it can be hung so as to be able to repeat them little by little. A great option is to wall in the kitchen, near the place where the child usually sits. Let the words all the time will be before your eyes.

· No list? Do it yourself, even better. Write 4-5 words that are held in class, in large letters.

· Read words aloud with the child. If words asked a lot at once, better to do it small portions of up to ten words. A bright marker, mark the letters that are hard to remember. For example, in the word «HARE» — emphasize «I», «BIRCH» — mark «E».

And now to play games with words.

The first game, geometric.

For example, we need to remember how to spell the word «MILK». Difficult letter – Oh, they’re round. So we need to think of something round with milk, for example, round a Bank of milk rolling down the hill. You can even draw up this one and come up with about her story.

Let’s take another word: «PLANT». Difficult letter – And similar to the triangle. So, you can draw the triangle factory building. And if before this word was the word «MILK», you tell your child that this plant, pour the milk, in round cans. All this helps us to be creative and make the faceless the word alive and familiar.

Second game: come up with stories.

The essence of the game is to come up with collocations in which all letters are clear and simple. For example, milk is wet. In the first word of the letter is incomprehensible, and in the second no one make a mistake, write O. But the phrase in the second letter: the milk in the spoon. The plant will go tomorrow. If it turns out funny – it’s very good: it’s faster will be remembered.

And the last tip: do not put the vocabulary words on the last day, because in order words well remembered, it will take time.

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