How to care for shoes in winter

In winter season, leather shoes suffers from damp and chemicals. As a result, even expensive shoes can not withstand more than one season. To extend the life of your winter boots will help simple rules of care.

Как ухаживать за обувью зимой

You will need

  • cream for footwear;
  • — suede cloth;
  • brush for shoes;
  • — vodootlivnoj spray;
  • — acetone;
  • — vinegar.


1. Before going outside, prepare new leather shoes. Treat the surface with special water-repellent spray. This must be done in advance and no less than 2-3 times. Keep in mind that lips to give Shine – it Express care. They do not replace a full treatment of shoes, and provide only a cosmetic effect. Moreover, the composition of the jaws is silicone, which with frequent use can cause cracks.

2. Back from the street home, be sure to wash the shoes under running water. To clean dirt better to use soap solution. But the usual cosmetic soap for this procedure is not suitable. Well-laundered leather shoes soap on the basis of horse fat or, in extreme cases, economic. Be sure to wipe your shoes dry with a paper towel and RUB the surface protective cream with wax. Leave the cream on overnight and in the morning buff the surface of the Shoe is suede cloth.

3. If reagents deformed heel, insert a cotton swab soaked in acetone, and insert forming the block. Wet shoes to dry is not better on the battery, and a special device for drying, or by placing crumpled paper inside. Unpleasant smell, which remains inside from wet shoes, you can remove the tampon with the vinegar inside and leave overnight.

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