How to save on buying clothes

Shopping like almost all women. But with the steady increase in prices is becoming increasingly difficult to buy new clothes. Do not deny yourself this pleasure, you just need to learn to save.

Как экономить на покупке одежды

Do not treat savings as a forced and temporary measure. If the mind and practical approach to purchasing, it will bring you joy and without unnecessary spending. Should follow the example of people for whom saving has become a lifestyle that brings them pleasure. By the way, even very wealthy people don’t miss the chance to save money, especially in times of crisis.

The main principles of saving

1. Determine what you need to replenish your wardrobe. To this end, before each season you need to revise things in the closet. Lay all your clothes in piles:

— basic (things that you wear often, and you need them);

— damaged, stretched, lost their color and shape (such things can take to the cottage or use as rags);

— clothing and footwear not by the size;

— things that you not worn for over a year.

The last two piles of things you don’t need, but it is not necessary to throw them, because selling them can earn. Bring the clothes in order, take a photo and expose for sale in social networks or on specialized sites. Most importantly, assign adequate and affordable pricing to quickly found buyers. The money you can buy new clothes without harming the family budget.

The same audit should be conducted for children’s clothes. According to statistics, they are sold even faster than adults.

Boring, unfashionable, yet sturdy and high quality stuff, you can distribute them to the needy or to take nadeco, it is not necessary to store them for years and they clutter up your wardrobe.

Revision of the wardrobe is very useful, because it will allow you to understand what things you really miss. Write down what you need to buy and distribute buy one or two for a few months. For example, in March it cost to buy a new jacket, pants April, and in may it’s time to take care of the swimsuit.

Important! The best principle of good buys — you have to know exactly what wear this blouse (skirt, pants, etc). So in fact perfectly fit into your wardrobe, and there will not be a «black sheep», because it goes with what.

2. To determine where to buy things cheaper.

Wholesale base.Take friends, colleagues, relatives and go to the market for wholesale. So things will cost you much cheaper.

Joint purchasing. In social networks many of the groups who buy things in Russia and abroad. Though you’ll have to pay the registration fee and shipping, still, it is cheaper than in the store. The main thing in such purchases is to choose the right size, therefore, carefully study the sizing grid and do not hesitate to ask questions. For procurement use only trusted resources, since they often work on full advance payment.

Sites ads.On these sites you can find not only used but also brand new items at a very low price.

Second and drain.Among these things there are real treasures, brand, and quality and new things for a small price. There are shops, where in recent days the sales can Smoking clothes for 50 or even 10 rubles.

3. Avoid unnecessary purchases.

Do not buy thing only because it is a big discount. Clothes you like to suit the size and style.

Cheap tights and lingerie can disappoint you the first day. It is better to choose a little more expensive, but better.

Clothes for the house will replace the old t-shirts, jeans or dresses. Things made of synthetic fabrics look cheap and not very pleasant for the skin.

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