Effective ways of dealing with acne

Acne is a sensitive topic not only teenagers, but also adults. We know many ways to solve this problem. Following following these recommendations, you can quickly get rid of acne without using expensive pharmaceutical drugs.

Проблемная кожа

If puberty is over, but the pimples still appear and this is a serious reason to see a doctor.

1. Not to press the pimples.

And this rule is the most important thing. So we carries the infection through the bloodstream.

2. You cannot use alcohol-containing means.

About these tools, to forget even to owners of oily skin. Alternatively salicylic-zinc pasta. Is applied point, locally to the site of inflammation. Water cannot wash away, wash with a dry cotton swab. Keep no more than one night.

3. You cannot dry up the skin «care» for oily skin.

After regular use of such means the skin will remain greasy, but appears another problem – dehydration. The combination of oily and dehydrated skin very difficult to treat, so it’s best not to bring the skin to such a state. On this basis, the pimples will be more.

4. Use a moisturizer.

The widespread misconception that oily skin need not moisturize, because she is so fat. If you do not humidify a skin, again it will be even more pimples.

5. Use of pharmaceutical ointments, antibiotics, concoctions and kontraktubeks.

It is much more efficient and much cheaper. «Penny» anti-inflammatory ointment for eyes, gums, wounds, etc. very effective in combating pimples. For example, erythromycin. Just squeeze a small amount of ointment to cover her pimple. Then put a cotton pad (it will stick). In this form, to go to sleep. The next morning the pimple will not.

To care for pimply face suitable thing and kontraktubeks. The effect of entanglement will be visible a half or two weeks. From kontraktubeks – in a few days. Entanglement means cheaper. You need it in the form of a gel. Applied in two layers, and then the third layer is only on the pimples themselves. Leave a like for 30 minutes, then rinse with strong lemon juice with decoction of chamomile. After a few days problem skin greatly transformed.

7. From acne will help clay mixture.

But apply the mixture need not on the face, and point, on inflammation. Use only black clay, adding a pre-orange or lavender essential oil.

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