How to choose keywords for microstocks using the online tool Shutterstock

To quickly select keywords to photos using the online service of Shutterstock. It will be useful to photographers who wish to sell on the microstocks.

Как подбирать ключевые слова для микростоков при помощи онлайн-инструмента Shutterstock

Every microstocker knows: the more precise, well describing key words to pick up, the more hits and sales. But often it is not so easy to do: not enough imagination, knowledge of English – Yes and routine work is boring, much nicer to photograph. The aid can come in many tools, paid and free.

One way to choose keywords is to use a service that offers Shutterstock (pre-need to become their supplier, that is, you need to register and pass the exam). This method is free and very comfortable – this method of selection will help you choose keywords precisely, and time the selection will take quite a bit.

For the selection of the words click in his Cabinet Portfolio – Keyword suggestions in your profile.

In the opened window, type in a few keywords. For example, I want to describe a Cup of coffee. Enter coffee, cup, white box.

The system gives us a lot of photos. Select those that are similar to ours. They need to choose not less than three, and the selected will have a blue check mark.

Click on Get keywords at the bottom of the page, select from the list the right words and adding something of their own (if necessary).

Click on Copy to Clipboard (red button below) and your list of keywords ready. Paste it into the field editor and move on to other work.

Use this tool and time to prepare the photos you will take much less.

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