How to call a sweet tooth

If you are reading this article, you are either a child or adult, believes in miracles. I suggest to get acquainted with several rituals of the sweet tooth challenge you, to treat the unknown guest one or two candies, thanks to get from it much more sweet Goodies.

Как вызвать сладкоежку

How to call a sweet tooth today

In General, sweet tooth it is better to call late at night, when the streets were dark, but if you can’t wait, you can do it during the day. The only thing you need is to make sure that the room was as dark (close blinds may be the window and the curtains, turn off the lights). When the room is dark enough, you can begin the ritual.

Take a sheet of A4 paper, toothpaste, some candy (preferably chocolate in the rustling of wrappers) and a small mirror. Coat the paper with one hand toothpaste and put it on the floor. In the center of the sheet reflecting side up place the mirror. Outside of the sheet spread out candy. When ready, turn off the lights, say three times «Sweet tooth, come» and wait.

Some time later, you hear the rustle, rustle of candy, the sound of heels, wheezing or other sounds is came sweet tooth. Sit tight and wait for the sounds will disappear. Upon the occurrence of silence can turn on the light. You will see on the paper a tiny trace of the guest, the same candy you put will disappear, and in their place will be others and more.

How to call sweet tooth at home

There is another way to cause a sweet tooth, you can have a little chat. This will also create a room in the twilight, in the center of the room place a mirror, a sheet of paper and pencil, fold the pile of biscuits or chocolates. Duck under a blanket or in the closet three times, say «have a Sweet tooth, come and talk to me». Wait a bit (about five minutes), then you can turn on the light. If a sweet tooth will come to you, you will see that candy is scattered, perhaps one is not enough, and on a sheet of paper for you written any message.

How to call sweet tooth without the sweets

If you are in the house at the moment, there is no candy, but to call mythical guest want, don’t worry. To call a sweet tooth you can use any of vysheperechislennyh rituals, and instead of candy to use any sugary foods, for example, marmalade, marshmallows, peanut brittle, cookies, waffles, and even dried fruits.

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