How to speed up metabolism

Metabolism is an important process in the human body responsible for breaking down fats coming with food. The activity of metabolism varies depending on age, genetic predisposition and level of physical activity. However, to speed up the metabolism by using rather simple recommendations.

Как ускорить метаболизм


Increasing physical activity

Over time a person slow down the natural metabolic processes. Therefore, an important and effective way to improve metabolism are periodic aerobic exercise aimed at increased circulation. The main rule in this matter – regularity. From the training in your body will begin to receive a large quantity of oxygen, and after that the metabolism will back to normal. The best option – a combination of strength and cardio.

The correct mode

As a rule, a person may not notice how gradually adjusts the rhythm of life at work, indulging in total relaxation. However, metabolism can be accelerated in the event that if you’ll go to bed and Wake up at the same time, engage in basic daily breathing exercises, or walk in the fresh air. It should be noted that the lack of stress and emotional tension is an additional force accelerating the breakdown of fats.

Beauty treatments

Along with sports and daily schedule you must take courses massage. Thus, the blood circulation in the fatty tissues will increase, then the body will metabolic process at an accelerated rate. Lymphatic drainage, scrub, aromatherapy, wraps, steam room and sauna – all this helps to activate the metabolism. After 2-3 months of regular cosmetic procedures you feel that the body has become more toned, skin is leveled.

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