8 secrets good seedlings

Spring has come, so it’s time to take care of the seedlings. To grow it yourself, everyone can, especially if you know the little secrets.

8 секретов хорошей рассады

Growing seedlings — troublesome, but pleasant. And most importantly, it’s a great way to save money, because high-quality seedlings in the market costs a lot of money.

1. Good seeds. The quality of the seeds depends on the quality of seedlings and the success of future harvest. Seeds are best to buy in trusted stores and select well-known manufacturers. Best of all, if the bag will be the icon of GOST is a guarantee that the seeds germinate well. Also pay attention to the expiration date.

2. Hardening of the seeds. The procedure of hardening of seeds increases their germination rate, resistance to pests and diseases. Should be hardened seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini. To do this the seeds need 5-6 hours to soak in water at room temperature to swell, and then 6 hours to go in the fridge. Repeat this procedure for five consecutive days.

Important:sugar-coated seeds do not need any pre-treatment, the manufacturer already took care of that.

3. A good soil. The soil for planting it is best to buy in a specialty store. It is composed of nutrients and trace elements, but also has the necessary acidity.

4. Hydrogel. Into the soil before planting is recommended to add the hydrogel. It is pellets made of polymers that help retain water and fertilizer. This tool will help you to avoid drought or, conversely, excessive humidity.

5. Tara. For seedlings it is best to use special containers: peat pots or coconut cubes. In each you can sow 2-3 seed. In such containers it is very convenient to plant seedlings in open ground without damaging the root system.

6. Lighting. For germination and development of seeds need 15 hours of bright light per day, so you should use lamps for illumination. For uniform illumination of the container with the seedlings need from time to time to turn to the light.

7. Watering. To water the seedlings often, but gradually. Little sprouts watered from a sprinkler, so as not to damage them with the water pressure. The grown plants are best watered in the tray, it strengthens the root system. For irrigation you need to use settled water at room temperature.

8. Hardening of seedlings. This pack should be applied a week before transplanting into the ground. Briefly open the window, airing the room where the seedling. Every day increase the time of airing. At a temperature above 10 degrees can and do make containers on the street. 2 days before transplanting stop watering and the plants treated with 0.1% solution of potassium permanganate.

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