Narciso Rodriguez – powdery fragrance

Нарциссо Родригес – пудровый аромат

New powdery fragrance world-famous designer Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudrée referred to as a synonym of femininity and tenderness. What made this fragrance so versatile is the lack of ingredients that can be called heavy.

For spring, the most romantic time of the year, this luxury powder will be what you need.

Perfume Narciso Rodriguez, Raquel Zimmermann and powdery fragrance

The face of the campaign was the Brazilian top model Raquel Zimmermann. In the photoshoot she is depicted Topless, but there is not a bit something dirty and vulgar. Loose, slightly damp, hair, invisible makeup, the perfect figure, her image has become a symbol of flavor. Raquel embodies the primordial feminine beauty.

In interviews, Rodriguez repeatedly said that he sought to create a powerful and fragile at the same time sexy song.

Нарциссо Родригес – пудровый аромат

Most interesting is that for every girl, this powdery fragrance opens differently. He painted sensual and leaves a fragrant trail. With each passing hour a drop of perfume on the skin opens its new faces. It becomes easier, more elegant and gentle.

Narciso Poudrée created for the woman who is stylish, confident, knows what a luxury. Many people like this fragrance, primarily because it is not floral and not fruity, and musky:

  • top notes: powdery musk;
  • middle notes: Bulgarian rose, white Jasmine;
  • base notes: white cedar, vetiver.

All this beauty lies in a bottle of skin color. If you look closely, the shade similar to light flush. At this point I understand that wanted to tell the Creator of aroma: «the Skin is able to convey the sensuality of nature.» But the architectural shape of the bottle symbolizes the purity of true beauty. Нарциссо Родригес – пудровый ароматMoreover, it is fully consistent with the basic principles of the brand Narciso Rodriguez is a refinement and nothing more.

Other powdery creations of the designer

Narciso Rodriguez For Her – this is another famous powdery fragrance for women. He was released in 2003. It is not naivety, but the designer claims that this perfume no girl will go unnoticed. For each woman it is disclosed in different ways, but we can say unequivocally, is that he will perfectly emphasize the individuality:

  • top notes: osmanthus;
  • middle notes: musk, amber;
  • base notes: vetiver and patchouli.


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