Prostate massage: the benefits and harms

The modern pace of life, unhealthy diet and environment affect not the best way on human health and disease such as prostatitis, has become a frequent phenomenon. Representatives of the stronger sex in the past to confront him, and the consequences of this deplorable disease. One method of rescue is considered a prostate massage, which many men are dismissive. Believing that we can restrict the medication, they do not pay attention to the recommendations of doctors. So prostate massage: the benefits and harms. Is it worth a blind eye to this procedure?

What is prostate massage

Prostate in men is a very important organ, its function is to preserve reproductive qualities and the pleasure derived from sex life. To avoid inflammation of this organ, should be resorted to such means as massage. Due to such stimulation increasing blood and lymph circulation, prostate receives more required substances and better to get rid of all unnecessary. The slightest pain caused by the prostate, leads to the fact that the man becomes irritable and dissatisfied, begins to feel weakness and General ill health.

The patient massage prostate: the benefits and harms – those that plagues many. Do not suffer, go to the doctor! The procedure should be prescribed by a doctor who, after examination, decides if you need it. Manipulation help iron become more sensitive to medications and get rid of the resulting in inflammation of toxins. There may be discharge, which is determined by the condition of the prostate and how much remains inflammation. Massage helps the male-specific organs, improves potency, erection, has a strengthening effect on the nervous system.


Doctors recommend massaging the prostate with the many problems of urological properties. Massage helps to avoid stagnation of the juice in the prostate gland, bringing it together with bacteria, their metabolic waste. If the inflammation is running, only therapeutic massage will help to get rid of pus: due to the stimulation improves blood circulation, lymph circulation in the prostate.

The disease often occurs because of stagnation of blood in the gland and massage, improving tissue oxygen supply, effectively this is opposed. The result of the drug quickly enter the affected gland, improving their absorption and efficiency of treatment, reduced risk of certain inflammatory processes in the prostate, recurrence. Often prostate disorders lead to problems with potency, erections. Treatment and massage help get rid of illness and return to his former confidence in man’s abilities, the sharpness of feelings when you orgasm, duration of sexual intercourse.


Massage can cause harm. If you do poorly or do not apply the lubricant, the condition of the prostate can get worse the inflammation will become more strong, will give rise to adenomas. Massage is contraindicated if a man:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • stones or tumors in the prostate;
  • calcite;
  • adenoma severe;
  • difficulty with urination;
  • bacterial infection.

If the one who does massage, has experience and knows exactly how to do it, then he can injure the colon and provoke an autoimmune reaction. In each case it is necessary to pass diagnostics and to receive the recommendation of his doctor, and even a lesson or two from experienced nurses. If you hesitate to ask how to stimulate the prostate, there are videos available that describes the methodology of the procedures.

How to do prostate massage yourself at home

Prostate massage in house conditions is valid only in the absence of a strong inflammatory process in the body, otherwise any manipulation can lead to sad result. If you are unsure, it is best to be examined, the specialist can suggest a way to improve the condition and offer appropriate treatment. Massage can be done only two days after its completion.

When the procedure is necessary, the assistant, the best choice would be wife, she will cause her husband the least amount of inconvenience. Doctors recommend the knee-elbow posture as the best, but few will be able to do manipulation in this position. Those who fail, will approach the following approach:

  • Get in a comfortable position on your back, knees to chest.
  • With one hand hold the feet, and the other do the massage.
  • Perform the stimulation of the prostate only if a full bladder, so he was a support for the gland during the procedure.


Put on the hand, which is the main medical glove. On the index finger apply the petroleum jelly, then enter it into the rectum. First you need to gently caress his prostate with the outer part in the direction of the duct, making sure that the movements were slow and careful. Then the massage becomes more intense. Need to put pressure on the prostate, increasing the force of the impact. Finger finding the tight part of the prostate, should be pressed harder, and the soft parts to reduce pressure. If you do everything correctly, you will not feel any pain.

Using the massager

Special massager for prostate, urological called, is a device from the compressor, a manometer, non-return valve, connecting tube, pulsator and the working chamber. Before the procedure on the working chamber is put on the condom used during ultrasonography, which is then lubricated with water based lubricant. The camera is inserted into the anus, by means of the blower extends to the red mark on the gauge.

Massage is stirring air in the working chamber by the compression of the pulsator once in one or two seconds. Do it for 5-10 minutes daily not less than ten days. Besides massage, such exercises will have a beneficial effect on the blood supply of the pelvic organs, their impossibity will be the muscles of the gland.

Video massage for prostatitis in men


Dmitry, 25 years: the patient Massage prostate: the benefits and harms – which way inclines the scales? I long suffered with this issue. It was scary. Seemed to massage the urethra is something to be ashamed of. Then the pain got stronger, and without the help of doctors to do but could not. At the moment, healthy, want the guys to get rid of these fears and prejudices, because it is our health.

Alex, 30 years: When it happened to me this incident, I immediately became interested, how to make prostate massage. Shame was not, perceived it as normal. Read reviews of doctors about whether prostate massage, opted for the machine, learned how to take, said about the technique of execution, not to harm. All problems don’t know. Self-massage cured me.

Victor, 27 years: I’ve done prostate massage a few years ago, I helped a procedure to get rid of pus. There was a strong inflammation, I drank pills, but the result was not clearly marked. The masseuse had a course of procedures, after which the inflammation is gone. But my friend wondered whether it is possible to massage the prostate adenoma. But the doctor dissuaded, saying that there are contraindications.

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