Massage for facial wrinkles: how to choose and use

None of us is given to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Someone will appear a little earlier, someone later, but loss of elasticity, discoloration will occur. This is a natural age-related changes of the skin condition, because the older we get, the more they are visible. In order to postpone these processes, it is recommended that along with cosmetic care use massager for facial wrinkles. It is an affordable way of skin care, which can be done right at home. Start using them is from 25-30 years.

Types of massagers for the face

The skin on the face is the most sensitive compared to the rest of the body. It is particularly exposed to sunlight, wind and humidity that impact on it. Besides, there are a huge number of facial muscles, which the skin is subjected to constant stress, movement, stretching and tightening. To improve the condition of the skin have developed many models of machines that will rejuvenate. For example, for sensitive skin use glasses-tumblers for the eyes. All devices for the face have the following:

  • normalizes the sebaceous glands;
  • eliminate age spots, puffiness;
  • accelerate blood circulation, which improves the supply of nutrients;
  • cleanse the pores;
  • smooth, and sometimes completely remove the wrinkles;
  • improve skin tone.

This technique uses different ways to affect the skin and wrinkles. Some of the massagers are applied to procedures in the offices of professional salons, they are bulky and such a home can not buy. Other devices allow you to perform self-massage, fit in the hand and does not even require connection to a power outlet. There are following popular versions of the massagers to facial wrinkles:

  1. Roller. The most affordable, you can even say budget, view of this technique, which can afford every woman. Is a two cushion different size which are connected to each other, made of plastic, wood, stone. Their conduct in the face along the massage lines, the effect occurs up to the deeper layers of the skin, which has the effect of tightening.
  2. Vacuum. This variant is referred as the most popular types of massagers that provide the opportunity to effectively clean pores and fight wrinkles. Its use gives the face a healthy glow, the skin becomes more supple, elastic, disappear blackheads and inflammation. You should be careful for people with venous disease in an acute form, skin lesions, rashes, or other inflammatory processes are all contraindications for use of vacuum massage face.
  3. Oxygen. The peculiarity of this type in the ability to saturate the blood with oxygen, accelerate the blood circulation. Massager improves reparative, metabolic processes that helps to improve the complexion, the condition of the skin.
  4. Ultrasonic massager for face. The main feature of this device is the elimination of skin imperfections, roughness and increased smoothness. Ultrasound causes cells to «compressed and decompressed», which makes them more smooth, and the skin smooth. There is also a lifting effect.
  5. Laser. Used generally for tightening facial contours. Provides the ability to effectively deal with the small mimic wrinkles, improves and evens the complexion. The massager stimulates and accelerates metabolism and noticeable results are visible after first use.
  6. Hemostimulating. This kind of electromassage, the effects of which provides a lifting effect, smoothing facial wrinkles, get rid of fat deposits in the neck. Under the action of the apparatus significantly improves circulation, lymphatic drainage. Massagers for face wrinkles this type is called the best Botox alternative.
  7. Massager for skin around the eyes. Because of its special tenderness in this zone individuals generally use models of devices with an infrared effect. They remove age spots, dryness, wrinkles. The eye massagers are compact in size with metal tip. On the type of impact they are vibrating massagers. In the kit there may be several kinds of nozzles. Another option is a magnetic acupuncture device, which point is the effect in this area.
  8. With ultrasound and infrared radiation. It is the symbiosis of the above models, which help to enhance effectiveness against wrinkles.

How to choose the right device for the person from wrinkles

Because of the sensitivity of the skin on this part of the body should be very carefully approach the question of choosing a tumbler, so as not to hurt yourself. It is better still to consult a specialist beautician, who determines your individual skin problems, give recommendations regarding suitable option of apparatus against wrinkles. Further it will need to choose among the offered models. For the selection of high-quality massager please note the following:

  1. The type of food. Can be models, working from the outlet or from the battery, but it is best to look for options for 2 in 1.
  2. Dimensions. For a self-massage is better to choose a lightweight model, but not too much, as lightweight as a rule, fail in their duties.
  3. Comfortable handle. To hold the device you will have throughout the procedure, so you need a convenient carrying handle.
  4. Power. The higher the number the louder the device works, but also the greater the likelihood that it will cope with its responsibilities.
  5. Nozzle. The massager provides different equipment, so it is worth checking the availability of additional nozzles, if necessary.

How to use

The facial massage should be prepared, given the characteristics of massager that you chose. They are all different: for example, for vacuum models don’t have to apply any cosmetics. As a rule, all these details and features are described in the device manual. But there are some rules that are common to all devices:

  • clean the skin with gel or foam;
  • steam out it;
  • treat tonic;
  • massage person;
  • face pack or cream to close the pores.

If you use the apparatus for myostimulation or ultrasonic, infrared massager, then you should apply the cream. Under the action of these devices it will most deeply penetrate the skin, allowing it to operate as efficiently as possible. Remember that the facial massage must be conducted in accordance with the direction of the massage lines. You can ask the masseur or beautician.

Overview of the most popular massagers for wrinkles on face

  1. Gezatone AMG106. This is the brainchild of the French company, which produces high-quality machines. Massager from Jeston has 4 nozzles for a deep and effective stimulation of the skin. The advantage of the device in the resistance to moisture, therefore can be used in a bath or bath. The device is powered from batteries, its compact dimension and copes with its functions.
  2. Mini Casada. Very compact and convenient massager for face, is powered by AA batteries, making the unit mobile. Company Casad focuses specifically on the massagers and not only for the face. The machine has two speeds of vibration, it is possible to apply also for hands, neck, shoulders.
  3. Revoskin Gold. Japanese ultrasonic ion massager. The model has two steps designed to rejuvenate the skin: ultrasound, which improves blood circulation and metabolism, and ions, smoothing facial wrinkles. The device is compact, and resembles a pen with a nozzle in the form of a small cushion. Runs on batteries, the weight of the product without it just 80 g.
  4. V-ball. This massager Korean production, which can not be called mobile, but this disadvantage is offset by the ease of use. The device has a remote control and a kind of mask that is worn on the face. You don’t need to massage it, the phone does everything himself with the help of small balls. Only works from the wall outlet.
  5. Gezatone Super Wet Cleaner. The massager is lightweight (150g) to cleanse the skin, improve lymphatic drainage, smoothing of wrinkles MIME. The kit includes 2 extra nozzles, easy to assemble and disassemble. Powered by two AA batteries, a bag storage device.

Contraindications to the use of

There are some features in which contraindicated the use of massagers to facial wrinkles. Depending on the type of exposure apparatus may vary: for example, electric versions do not use if the sensitivity of the skin, and infrared – in the presence of external skin lesions. Ultrasonic massager should not be used in the presence of implants, and vacuum prohibited in dilated vessels or inflamed skin. Common contraindications include:

  • severe pathology of blood vessels or heart;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • inflammatory diseases in the acute stage;
  • lactation or pregnancy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • tuberculosis;
  • skin rash infectious nature.

Video: how to do facial massage at home

To face lift, rejuvenation is not necessary to go for expensive treatments in a beauty salon. You can handle everything yourself at home. You only need the massager for facial wrinkles and some free time. It is important to observe the correct technique of the procedure, spending it on massage lines of the face. The video below shows how to use the massager.


Eugene, 32 years: I’ve been Using the device from Jeston. Very happy with the result. Combine this massager for face with masks or lotions. The skin becomes smooth color, without any black spots, dark spots. The phone is very light in weight and to use, copes with its responsibilities. Take it with you even on business trips.

Miroslav, 34 years: I Used the simulator ultra lulu after rate photo before and after application. As a result, I with it did not work out, not the wrinkles smoothed, the skin look better is not. The massager may not be expensive, but they are pretty useless. Moreover, while using feel ridiculous. Going to fight wrinkles using another apparatus, for example, needle-shaped massager.

Kate, 28 years: I Have no problems with wrinkles or pigment spots, but I love to use the massagers to relax your face. That is a separate point of fun in my schedule. Until you start doing the massages, don’t understand how it is useful and pleasant. Prefer products from Casada, because it is a specialized company on such vehicles.

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