Ice for the person from wrinkles: recipes for dice to wipe

Every woman wishes to have smooth, firm skin without wrinkles, but signs of decay over the years only become more prominent. Time can be reversed, and it does not need expensive tools. So we don’t have to suffer with later cross the forehead lines, it is necessary to prevent their occurrence. Ice for the person from wrinkles – it is perfect, the tool is very cheap and effective. Such care will help to eliminate puffiness and improve overall skin condition. Toning, the ice can prevent the appearance of expression wrinkles and smoothes existing fine.

Useful properties of ice

The secret of ice (why is he afraid of wrinkles?) that cold constricts blood vessels. They then return to the previous state, the result is a kind of workout that increases metabolism, promotes greater skin elasticity, increase cell renewal. The effect of the treatments became apparent, will need to use ice for the person from wrinkles regularly, because nothing appears and disappears instantly.

The use of ice and in the prevention of wrinkles, you can lead some semblance with cryotherapy. It should be used with caution, so instead of improving the condition of the skin, not to hurt her. Ice helps to cleanse the epidermis, eliminating age spots, rejuvenates and smoothes the skin. After the «ice» treatments you will forget about acne, will be able to remove itching caused by eczema or a rash on the baby skin.

How to use for facial wrinkles

Ice cubes for face before the procedure should be left for ten minutes so they are a little melted and caused injuries. It is best to take cold treatments in the morning, when active the metabolism and the skin responds faster to any impact. Effect on the vascular effects of detox, the toxins leave the body, which can cause redness and irritation on the skin. Before the procedure it is recommended to warm up the skin, but after any heat is contraindicated. Ice for the person from wrinkles, you cannot use more than 40 seconds to chill the nerve.

Best recipes ice cubes at home

Just hold ice on the face will not be sufficient to obtain the desired cosmetic effect. Here are some simple rules that will achieve significant results:

  1. Use the ice cubes, obtained by using molds. In progress should go only filtered water, vegan broth and special active ingredients.
  2. In each mold put one thing: a piece of berries or fruit, medicinal plant.
  3. Fill the mold filtered or non-carbonated mineral water or herbal medicinal decoction.
  4. Molds should stand in the freezer at least eight hours.
  5. It is best to freeze ice in the evening to the morning to take cold treatments instead of washing.

Let’s look at the detailed recipes of ice cubes from wrinkles on the face:

  1. With aloe. Helps to eliminate pathogenic bacteria, normalizes sebum production, eliminates acne. To make ice from the aloe, you should finely chop the leaves, pour some water (one in five) and wait an hour. Then the mixture boil for a few minutes, remove the sediment and pour into cubes, which you can wipe the face after waking up and at night.
  2. With lemon. This ingredient degreases and brightens the skin. In a glass of water pour a few table spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, pour into containers and leave overnight. In the morning instead of washing your face, use ice cubes, and in the evening they tone the skin is free from makeup.
  3. With camomile. This flower is known for the fact that combats inflammation and has a disinfectant action. Ice chamomile will help get rid of pimples. Buy in the pharmacy flowers of this plant, chop, pour boiling water, close and leave for thirty minutes. After strain and cook the broth for freezing. Another way: place the flower and chamomile in a container and cover with water. Use in the morning instead of washing.
  4. With parsley. It is used as a means to help reduce pigmentation. Its leaves by boiling deprived of most of its properties, so for the infusion it is recommended to use the root of a plant. It must be crushed, 1 tablespoon in a glass of boiling water, leave for thirty minutes. Strain the broth, it can be poured into molds. Sometimes the ice is from filtered water just put a small piece of the plant itself. You can periodically refresh the skin, but the perfect time for use the morning.
  5. Green tea. This drink is known for has a tonic effect. A great way to combat hateful wrinkles. To make ice tea just have to pour it on a night out on the molds. Clean your face better in the morning.
  6. From herbal teas. This procedure hydrates the skin, tones. If the goal is to get rid of wrinkles, the ingredients should be the lime, dandelion or peppermint. To make ice, you need a tablespoon of herbs to throw in a Cup of boiling water. After fifteen minutes of boiling the broth is removed from heat. He infused another half hour, after which the liquid can drain and pour for freezing. Sometimes the ice with herbs is prepared as follows: the mold is placed in a dry or fresh flower, leaf or sprig of grass and filled with water. This method is often more effective.
  7. With petals of roses. Ice with this ingredient tones the skin, eliminating wrinkles and restoring youth. Take the petals from one flower, rinse, divide into small pieces. Boil a glass of water. Throw in the necessary ingredient. When the water has cooled, strain it and pour into containers. Ice with rose petals can be used instead of normal washing.
  8. Using essential oils. This ice will soothe skin prone to irritation. Need a Cup of water to add oil: two drops peppermint, five pink, three – geranium. Then the mixture should be shaken, poured into a special container and put in the freezer overnight. The proportions can be changed, retaining only ten drops in a glass of water.

How to use cosmetic ice

Ice cubes should be in contact with the skin and to pass through it under the so-called massage lines. Let’s learn how to wipe the face with ice, this procedure was properly completed:

  1. From the centre of the chin to the earlobes.
  2. From the middle of the space between the upper lip and nose to temples.
  3. From the corners of the lips to the center of each ear.
  4. From the mid-frontal area to the middle of the temples, level with the eyebrows.
  5. On the lower eyelid from the outer corners to the inner eye and Vice versa on the upper eyelid.


Ice for the person from wrinkles is not recommended for those who occurs from cold irritation to the skin. Procedures cannot be conducted during colds. Suffer from allergies need to take into account that among the ingredients of the ice cubes was not «dangerous» for them. Skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema and inflammatory processes – a clear prohibition on the ice. It is not desirable to apply the procedure in the winter, when you use other means to protect the skin.

Video: how to clean your face and skin around the eyes with ice

Reviews about the outcome after applying

Maria, 20 years old: I wanted to remove wrinkles around the eyes, because age does not allow to think about the signs of old age. «Foot» appeared after an arduous vacation on the Mediterranean. The sun had done its insidious matter. I decided to try cold therapy. Made ice from broth of lime, began to wipe the morning and evening. Youth began to return to me. Posted photos in social networks, the girlfriend said, as I helped cosmetic ice and wanted to try it themselves.

Zoe, 35 years: Folk remedies from wrinkles always attracted me. I am in favour of the naturalness and freedom from store-bought chemicals. Ice tried recently, decided to fight the first signs of old age. Since I have dry skin, as an ingredient chose milk, ice such good moisturizes and smoothes wrinkles. Can recommend the procedure to those who have pigment spots, whitens too with a Bang.

Vasilisa, 45 years: For me the question of how to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, is not worth it. Was thinking about facial plastic surgery. Ice for the person from wrinkles advised each cosmetologist. You would not believe the slim effect I got after six months. As explained by a friend, the impact of cold on blood vessels – very effective exercises for the face, as if I was regularly wrung out from a floor, to pump up flabby arm muscles. In the end, I was able to postpone the trip to the surgeon.

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