Mask of starch from wrinkles instead of Botox: recipe

Botulinum toxin (the active substance of the drug «Botox») reduces wrinkles by immobilizing muscles under a specific area of the skin. They cease to contract and the epidermis is gradually recovering. To achieve the desired result, you need to take a course of expensive injections. For all women who want to be beautiful no matter what, there are other ways of rejuvenation, for example, the use of the mask from starch for wrinkles instead of Botox. Cheap, safe, effective.

Potato starch for your face like a Botox alternative

Mask starch is able to retain moisture, which fills in wrinkles. As a result, minor folds completely smoothed, and deep wrinkles become less pronounced. Women and men over the age of 50 will also notice a good effect and people under 40 after the course will look younger years on 10. This is a wonderful natural remedy freshens and tones the skin, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands, stimulates cell renewal.

Mask from potato starch is suitable for all skin types. It removes oily Shine and tightens pores, dry prevents the occurrence of peeling and tightness. Sensitive type also responds well to Botox from starch. After 5 treatments the epidermis becomes smooth, soft and elastic. If there are abrasions, scratches, wounds on the face, hypersensitivity, inflammation on the skin, acute herpes in the form of starch used is prohibited.

Recipe masks against wrinkles at home

How to make your own hands the most efficient remedies for wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead, in the chest area? List of the best recipes:

  1. The Botox alternative. Products: potato starch – 1 tbsp, fresh carrot – 5 tbsp, sour cream 33% fat (home advantage) – 1 tbsp Starch stir in 2 cups of warm boiled water and keep in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, until a gelatinous mixture. It will take 5 tbsp. Add the remaining ingredients. Apply the mask in three layers, each time wait for drying of the previous layer. Treat only problem areas. Rinse after 20 minutes after applying the third layer. Do it for 2 weeks every other day.
  2. Remedy for oily skin from wrinkles around the eyes. The method of preparation and the ratio of the products are the same as in the above recipe. Small addition – to the mixture add one teaspoon of oatmeal and half whipped protein. Keep 20 minutes. The tool is well tightens pores. Spend 8 procedures a day.
  3. Potato mask is the best firming agent. Cook the mashed potatoes, you will need 2-3 tablespoons. Pour in 1 tsp. milk or cream. Add half the egg white, mix well. Evenly distribute the weight across the face, soak her third hour and rinse with warm water. To improve the result, wipe treated area with ice cubes from broth chamomile. Having a session 2-3 times a week.

Video: how to make homemade mask against wrinkles with starch instead of Botox


Miroslav, 36 years: the Result is great. Never thought to inject Botox, but the alternative I decided to try. Face changed after the first procedure. I have oily skin, the mask is perfectly dried the skin, narrow pores. I spent 5 sessions with regularity every 2 days, no longer needed. Suggest that you starch her friends.

Elena, 45 years: I recommend: for dry skin together with starch use milk and honey. I first tried the recipe with sour cream and carrot juice, but after the face has dried too. With milk and honey – is another matter. Fine lines are gone over the deep needs work.

Alina, 32 years: I love this recipe. Can be done easily, the effect is stunning! Apply the remedy on the entire body, like how the active substance tighten the skin. The ingredients are inexpensive, the result exceeds expectations. Do this mask with 30 years and you will look fantastic.

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