Treatment of swine flu in humans

For decades, the influenza virus called the «Spanish flu» infected only pigs, but in the 21st century and it infected the human body. Treatment of swine flu is a very difficult task, but doable. Virologists around the world invent methods of dealing with a virus that constantly mutates, acquiring new properties, and therefore requires a special approach. The main threat of disease is fatal complications, which were incurable until recently. Having information on the treatment of flu, you can protect yourself and family from dangerous infection.

Treatment of swine flu H1N1 medications

The virus that causes the disease acquired the ability not to stay in the upper divisions of the respiratory system that occurs with epidemic strains of influenza. It penetrates into respiratory tract and lungs, causing severe pneumonia, which can three days be fatal. You should not forget that the virus is not treatable with antibiotics and traditional means.

Modern pharmacology has developed not one cure of swine flu, capable to repay neuraminidase (viral protein). In this case, the infection is destroyed and there is active replication of the virus, its spread to nearby tissues and organs. Thanks to adequate treatment, the disease will flow easier and without life-threatening complications.

In children

One of the stages of the treatment of any disease is correct diagnosis. The symptoms caused by swine flu the child needs to get the parents to immediately contact the clinic:

  • a hot forehead, tummy, but cold extremities;
  • the pain in the neck, aching throughout the body;
  • not a productive cough;
  • weakness and intoxication.

Treatment of swine flu the little man at home:

  1. It is very important to provide cool, humid air and drinking regime.
  2. You must give the child the antiviral drug «Amantadine», which does not allow the virus to multiply.

In adults

Treatment of swine flu in humans in 95% of cases recovery in seven days. In the presence of symptoms characteristic of the H1N1 strain, according to the Protocol of the Ministry of health, doctors prescribe such treatment:

  1. «Kagocel» take one half of tablet three times daily with plenty of liquid. Contraindicated in kidney disease, pregnant. The course of treatment is one week.
  2. Tamiflu is an effective antiviral drug, able for five days to fight the infection, while not contraindications, side effects. Two tablets a day will provide reliable resistance to infection.
  3. Medication «Rimantadine» intended to treat disease in humans during the epidemic. Reception of two tablets need to be divided into several times a day until recovery. Cannot be taken during pregnancy.

Prevention and vaccination against the swine flu virus

To prevent mass infection of citizens, it is necessary to make vaccination against H1N1. Vaccination against swine flu provides the body small particles of the virus that cannot cause disease, but contribute to the formation of protective antibodies in the body that destroy infection. According to international standards, after the vaccination it takes three weeks to develop and has earned immunity, so you need to do in advance before the first wave of the epidemic.

Video about the symptoms and treatment of swine flu in humans, 2016

Reviews of the treatment of disease

Alesia, 32 years: in the Fall of each year our family makes a flu shot. This procedure applies not only to adults but also children because they attend school and kindergarten, where it can cause the contamination. The effectiveness of this procedure felt on my own experience: for three years we don’t have the flu, only minor colds. Even during epidemics, when all around you are sick, we stopped the virus be passed.

Olga, 43 years: a Month ago a bad cold, but the hospital did not treat. A whole week I lay there, there was a high temperature of about 39°C. Drugs were not treated, drinking water with lemon and slept. Relatives got worried and forced to seek help from a doctor. After examining me, he immediately identified the influenza. Prescribed Tamiflu and herbal. After three days of treatment I felt much better.

Natalie, 28 years: I have often had the flu, always hard to tolerate the disease when I began to take responsibility for their health. For several years, flu season avoid. The development of my immune system began with quenching with cold water in the morning. Then I reviewed my diet, included in the diet of many fruits, greens, vegetables.

Alevtina, 36 years: This winter my child has the flu, with all the heavy symptoms: high fever, cough, weakness. I don’t like to give meds to your baby, so it was treated according to the recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky: drinking plenty of fluids, ventilation of the room, no food, a humidifier near the bed. Four days later my son was healthy, and I’m happy!

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