Exercises for facial wrinkles: Japanese exercises at home

With the task of dealing with aging any woman will do on their own. It is only important to know and be able to competently use available means. Gymnastics for the person from wrinkles to cope with this task not worse than a good hygiene cosmetics, salon treatments and homemade anti-aging masks. What are the benefits of training? Are there rules and special conditions of gymnastics? What you should do to stay young? Let’s understand the nuances of gymnastics from wrinkles.

How useful exercise for facial muscles

The greatest effect can be achieved by embarking on a course of workouts to 30-35 years. This can be, for example, Japanese or Tibetan exercises for face wrinkles, facelift technique, the facial aerobics complex. Any course of training will be useful because:

  • make you move the muscles, strengthen them;
  • activates the bloodstream;
  • will improve the nutrition of the dermis;
  • retain the skin’s elasticity;
  • smooth small wrinkles;
  • reduce bags under the eyes;
  • delay the aging.

Rules for implementation of anti-aging gymnastics

Getting to the course exercises with the effect of non-surgical rejuvenation, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • do exercises for facial wrinkles each day;
  • to carry out the whole complex, including the training of the muscles of the forehead, chin, cheeks, neck;
  • gymnastics in the morning and before bedtime;
  • to do exercises, to completely clean the skin from makeup;
  • before exercises to do light facial massage;
  • observe your breathing rhythm;
  • combining muscle training with massage, apply skin moisturizer, using massage oil.

Effective set of exercises against wrinkles on the face

The rejuvenating effect of gymnastics based on the basic reflexes of tension and relaxation of muscles, proper and deep breathing. To strain the facial muscles on the inhale, relax on exhale. As a result of alternating active and passive phases of each exercise is the enrichment of blood with oxygen, accelerates its current. Starts the process of regeneration achieves the effect of photos and physical rejuvenation.

Wrinkles around the eyes

Wish to remove wrinkles under the eyes, to delay the appearance of «crow’s feet»? Then do such exercises:

  1. Cover your eyes. Middle fingers put on the outer corners of the eyelids, gently pull the skin to the sides. Eyeballs spin in circles. Ten left, then same to the right.
  2. Press with the fingers the skin at the border of pits (recesses for the eyes in the skull) in the outer corners of the eyelids. Slightly pull her back. Without weakening the pressure, raise eyes upward, close your eyelids. Wait five seconds, open your eyes. Do five-seven repetitions.
  3. Four middle fingers of both hands hold the skin under the eyebrows. Lightly lift up. Close your eyes, wait about five seconds. Open the eyelids, while maintaining pressure on the skin under the eyebrows. Relax your muscles. Make ten repetitions.

To strengthen the muscles of the lips

These exercises for facial muscles help to smooth out wrinkles above the upper lip, to make smaller the nasolabial folds:

  1. Open your mouth as widely as possible. Press firmly to the teeth lips as if to embrace them. Breathe through your nose, pausing in this position for ten to fifteen seventeen seconds. Relax your muscles, close your jaw. Repeat the exercise a couple more times.
  2. Half-open lips pull into a tube, like say «About». Slowly, with tension pull the lips forward, mouth open widely. Relax your muscles, close your mouth. Do ten to fifteen repetitions.
  3. Slowly open the mouth. Not closing the teeth, try tightly compressed lips. Begin to lift the corners of your mouth like you are smiling. Make ten to fifteen marks. If not, help himself with his hands, pulling his lips up.
  4. Tighten the muscles on the temples and top of cheekbones. Stretch the skin of the forehead muscle force, «pushing» it to the ears. Accelerate the pace, making springing movements, straining and relaxing.

Lifting of the cheeks and facial oval

To restore the contour of the face, to tighten the cheeks, smooth out wrinkles helps regular metered load on the lower part of the face. For the desired effect do gymnastics, consisting of the following exercises:

  1. Tightly close the jaws. Drop down the lower lip, exposing the teeth, but keeping the corners of the mouth in the stillness. Feel the tension of the chin, stay in this state for five seconds, relax your muscles. Do five to seven repetitions.
  2. Fill your mouth with air, balloon cheeks. Push the air by muscular effort from one cheek to the other. Make sure that the lower jaw remained stationary. Do the exercise, speeding up the pace, simulating rinsing the mouth with water.
  3. The finger pads put on the cheekbones, pressing and fixing the skin. Tightly bite lips, pressing them to the teeth. Tighten your cheeks, try to stretch the lips into an oval, not opening his mouth. Relax, repeat the exercise nine more times.
  4. Firmly press palms to cheeks. Try to stretch your mouth into a smile, giving herself resistance by hand. Relax, repeat the exercise several times.

For the muscles of the chin

The problem of double chin is relevant for men and women. To get rid of it, tighten sagging skin, to help special simple exercises. This complex «round» and facilitate angular chin, will make softer the facial contours:

  1. Tilt your head, trying to snuggle his chin to his chest. Lock this position. Count to ten. Raise your head. Perform the exercise four more times.
  2. Look in front of him. Pull the chin forward, lower lip pull into mouth and bite. Forcefully move the jaw from left to right. Make five to six repetitions.
  3. Mouth open, head bend back. Pushing the lower jaw forward, push your chin, close your mouth. The head straighten. Make five to six repetitions.

Against wrinkles on a forehead

It is very difficult to train the muscles of the forehead. To smooth out the wrinkles that appear from active facial expressions, you get if you use the muscles in the brow and temples. Facial exercises for wrinkles are:

  1. Palms folded position longitudinally on the forehead (fingers to temples). Press the hands to the face as much. Close your eyelids and rotate eyeballs to the left, then to the right. Relax your muscles, hands. Repeat the exercise five or six times.
  2. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible. Widely open your eyes and linger in this condition for two to four seconds, relax. Repeat the exercise five more times, speeding up the pace.
  3. Place the palm on the forehead longitudinally, placing the thumbs on the whiskey. Press down the skin on his forehead. The force of the muscles dramatically raise your eyebrows, creating this movement of the barrier arms. Do five-seven repetitions.
  4. Put right index finger on the bridge of the nose, the left position over him. Pushing hands to the skin, follow the movement from the nose to the temples, repeating the pattern of the eyebrows. Change fingers and repeat. The following approach perform by increasing the diameter of the pattern of the semicircles. Do the exercise until the girl entire forehead.

For the neck

The complex of exercises for the neck are based on stretching. Soft stretching of the muscles will cause them to tone and tighten the skin, get rid of double chin. Before charging should massage the neck, caressing her back of the hand from the collarbone up. The massage should be finished gymnastics, consisting of the following exercises:

  1. Put hands on each other, hug their neck, lightly crushing the skin. Gently rotate your head to the side, then back and forth. Creating hands little resistance, do five approaches for pan and tilt of the head.
  2. Bite the bullet. Bend your head, imagining that you are going to touch the top of your head to the blades. Feel the tension of muscles and skin. Hold this position for ten seconds. Make four more approaches.
  3. Sit on the floor, clutching her knees to her stomach. Pull the neck up. Trying not to move his shoulders, maximally extend the head forward, then slowly move his head back. Head zaprokidyvaya not see in front of him. Make five approaches.
  4. Bend your head upwards. Pull his lips, imagining that you are holding their pencil. Start alternately to «write» all the letters of the alphabet, moving the head. Repeat the exercise two or three times.

The tutorials of how to do gymnastics for the person from wrinkles

Want to see how to properly perform exercises for facial wrinkles? Look ‘ video, which presents rejuvenating Eastern practices and original techniques developed by modern beauticians. You will learn how to remove wrinkles under the eyes with the help of aerobics, what is Japanese facial gymnastics and Chinese massage, which is hasbinding (charging for persons with the effect of sculpturing). Select suitable exercises, listen to the reviews about different practices, learn gymnastics with online lessons.

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