Why when losing weight stand still

Every girl dreams of the perfect figure constantly wondered about how to force the body to lose weight. Any system for flushing the boring fat acts differently. Why when losing weight? This question interests many. The system should be fully balanced, but if the discharge mass has stopped and does not change, you should think about switching to a different diet or change the amount of calories and carbohydrates in food.

Why not out weight on a diet

There are times when a person is sitting on a balanced diet, but the result of the discharge of extra pounds does not appear. The girls quite naturally a question may arise about why when losing weight? And it may be that she is losing weight for the wrong system. Male and female organisms differ, many who begin to lose weight, do not know such features. Before starting a complete rejection of food, and be taken to drink only kefir, it is important to understand that each has its own structure.

Why when losing weight worth it? Possible causes include the following:

  1. The adaptation of the organism. Losing weight involves a huge calorie deficit in the diet, the body accumulates, sensing the exhaustion. All sources can be argued that the lack of fatty foods will lead to perfection. Practice losing weight people indicates that the required complex.
  2. The underdevelopment of the muscular system. The main goal of weight loss – getting rid of cellulite. It is important to enroll in a gym with a trainer who will be able to find a decent program. Hiking will help in realizing the dream.

What is the effect of the plateau with weight loss

People are interested in the question of why volumes go, but the weight is worth? This may be the result, which is called the plateau. It occurs when in the treatment of cellulite a person breaks the established rules, or begins to tighten your balanced diet. This effect does not cause any change in body losing weight person pounds do not appear and are not reduced.

How to force the body to lose weight

If the weight is not reduced, it is necessary to identify the problem and to completely isolate it again to reduce its own volume. Then force yourself to abide by the following rules:

  • Drink plenty of water. It promotes the elimination of toxins. Can not eat salt because it holds water and the body begins to swell.
  • To increase the caloric content. Too exhausting system can bring to the stub, the body stores fat from the diet.
  • The stability in the diet. When there was a positive result, we cannot cease to follow the diet, it is important to fully comply with the rationality and stability. Month can not eat anything and starve for a week.
  • Change the training regime. Also an important factor, the body can get used to anything, any necessary adjustments and changes.
  • To undergo a course of physiotherapy. Thanks to medical intervention, ultrasound or massage, can be changed. Massage helps breakdown of fat cells and ultrasound speeds up the metabolism.

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