How to tighten skin after weight loss

Sudden weight loss in a short period of time – the cause of wrinkles and sagging skin of the abdomen, upper arms, thighs. Lack of physical activity, disorders of water balance lead to «lagging» response of your body to the new settings. How to tighten skin after weight loss? Sports exercise, active lifestyle, nutrition, helping to restore muscle mass, cosmetic procedures will return the elasticity of the skin. What methods are effective and useful?

What if after losing weight sagged skin

To restore skin elasticity will help:

  1. Restoration of water-electrolyte balance. Lack of water causes destruction of the collagen fibers – natural frame that helps maintain hydraulically in the surface layers of the epidermis. Drink liquids (without sugar and gas) at the rate of 40 g/1 kg of body weight.
  2. Diet. For the formation of a muscular frame focus on foods rich in protein. Be sure to include in the menu of polyunsaturated acids, rich in vitamins of group In, responsible for the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Exercise. Sports training to maintain muscle mass after weight loss is a perfect option to eliminate a flabby stomach or to build muscle on arms, thighs.
  4. Beauty treatments in the salon or at home. Massages, wraps, the use of creams with lifting effect – a great option to tighten the epidermis, remove the appearance of cellulite.

How to tighten skin on stomach at home

Using home remedies and ways a woman can tighten up the sagging after weight loss tummy:

  1. Contrast shower. The temperature difference stimulates blood flow, improving blood supply skin with oxygen.
  2. Massage. Removes excess fluids, restoring the access to the cells necessary amount of collagen and oxygen. Helps to tighten sagging tummy, making it elastic.
  3. Wraps. Honey, mustard, these masks are of high biological activity, beneficial effect on the tone of the stomach, arms, buttocks.
  4. Moisturizer with lifting effect. Add to daily servings of cream of Shilajit, which, because it contained minerals and vitamins, restore skin elasticity after weight loss.

Exercises for tummy tuck

How to tighten skin after intense weight loss, using exercise on «study of» problem areas? Alternating aerobic exercise with exercises, load weight and breathing practices will bring back the elasticity of the epidermis, restores collagen lattice and will remove nasty wrinkles, stretch marks:

  1. Pay attention to the warm – up to 7-10 minutes. Easy warm up will improve blood flow.
  2. Basic training time is 30-50 minutes. Exercises should include the power unit (with weight), fitness. Alternating pace, the kinds of loads you will be able to tighten stomach in a week:
  3. Cross-UPS of hands and feet from position «lying on back»; lateral twisting; «Bicycle»; «strap» will give a delightfully flat tummy.
  4. Energetic deep squats will help to work out the sagging muscles. Slow proprietary delayed at the lowest point on 20-30-40 seconds is the perfect tool to tighten up the lower part of your figure after weight loss.

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