Products containing selenium in large quantities

Продукты, содержащие селен в большом количестве

For many selenium is an unknown substance, but actually a trace element that deserves careful attention. It is important for the normal functioning of many internal organs and systems. In addition, this substance performs several important functions in the body, so you should know what products a lot of selenium to carry out the replenishment of the body. Only due to daily replenishment of balance you can feel useful properties.

What products much selenium?

For a start I would like to say about what daily intake of this trace element. Scholars argue that as a separate element selenium is a poison and if eaten more than normal, there may be different problems with the body, for example, but an insufficient amount leads to a deficiency that is also bad. Actually daily dosage is very small and is only 0,00001 g to obtain nutrients for the body, it is recommended just to diversify the menu.

In any products the highest content of selenium:

  • Leaders in content of this substance are unrefined cereals, e.g. bran, wholemeal flour or sprouted grains. To obtain the daily requirement is enough to eat one handful of cereal.
  • In a large amount of this trace mineral is found in different seafood options such as fish, shrimp, squid, etc., he Enters into composition, and salt.
  • A product containing selenium in large amounts is brewer’s yeast. It is worth noting that in this case the micronutrient is absorbed much better. You can still use regular yeast for baking, but need to pour boiling water. Daily – 2 g. Drink the yeast only need water, but the rate of consumption of selenium is 4-10 days.
  • It is in the offal of various animals: kidney, heart and liver.
  • Talking about what foods have selenium, I would like to highlight garlic, but with the loss of smell disappear and healing properties. For prevention of colds in day to use on 35-50 ml of garlic juice.
  • Understanding which foods contain more selenium, it is worth noting that after the heat treatment the amount of this substance is greatly reduced. After preservation selenium completely disappears. Another important point – selenium can destroy the carbohydrates, so under the ban are various sweets, pastries and other similar products. If the body receives a lot of carbohydrates, this helpful trace mineral is not absorbed at all.
  • Продукты, содержащие селен в большом количестве  

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