Chestnut honey – useful properties and contraindications

Каштановый мед – полезные свойства и противопоказания

Chestnut honey has a unique taste and aroma, but many consider him a low grade because of the presence of a slight bitterness. All of this is minor, considering the chemical composition of chestnut honey. This product is used in folk recipes for outdoor and indoor use. It is important to note that you can not heat this honey, because at 40 degrees destroys almost all nutrients.

Useful properties and contraindications chestnut honey

Since ancient times, this sweet product is used as a bactericidal agent. Nectar chestnut honey is a natural antibiotic. It is recommended for the treatment of various skin diseases and wounds.

More useful than chestnut honey:

  • Has anti-inflammatory effect, so it should be used if there are problems with the respiratory system. It is recommended in bronchial asthma, angina, etc.
  • It consists of a lot of iron which is important for proper blood formation and for energy metabolism.
  • Use chestnut honey lies in its ability to improve appetite. It should be used in treating digestive disorders, because it has a favorable effect on the mucous of the stomach and is digested well.
  • Promotes normal liver and gallbladder.
  • It consists of a lot of natural sugar that is entering the body turns into energy, increasing efficiency. Properties of chestnut honey will be useful to people who often get tired or have a weak immune system.
  • Beneficial to the nervous system, helping to cope with stress and other problems.
  • The constant use has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, so it can be used in the treatment, Каштановый мед – полезные свойства и противопоказанияas well as prevention. Chestnut honey helps to make the blood vessels more strong and elastic, and it also normalizes blood pressure and fighting atherosclerosis.
  • Reduces the risk of formation of cancer and even malignant tumors.
  • Chestnut honey can bring not only benefits but also harm. First of all, this product is contraindicated in the presence of individual intolerance. As for people with diabetes, they can use chestnut honey, after consultation with the doctor. You can’t eat this sweet product in large quantities.


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