The shank in the slow cooker

Рулька в мультиварке

Cooking pork knuckle, as cooking any meat on the bone, it takes quite a long time. In this case the successful outcome determines not only correctly picked the recipe, but also the correct temperature. That is why the ideal option would be to slow cooker in which the time and temperature can be set automatically, thus totally relying on the process of making the device and freeing up personal time.

Recipe pork shank in a slow cooker

Pork knuckle in a slow cooker you can not only bake, but to put a classic German recipe in which the meat is adjacent to a side dish of sauerkraut and potatoes. The output is not only fragrant and zazharistoe a piece of meat, but rich vegetable accompaniment to it.


  • bacon — 145 g;
  • celery — 1 PC.;
  • carrots — 175 g;
  • sauerkraut — 135 g;
  • juniper berries — 15 EA.;
  • Riesling — 210 ml;
  • knuckle — 850 g;
  • potatoes (small tubers) — 390 g;
  • a handful of parsley.


Set the device to warm up in the «Baking». In a hot bowl sauté the pork until Browning, she must acquire a pronounced brownish tint on all sides. After, pour in the Cup of Riesling and a glass of water, cover the slow cooker and leave on «Fighting» for an hour. Cut the carrot, celery and bacon, small potato tubers a good wash. Put the prepared ingredients in a bowl to the shank with juniper berries. Stir and leave to cook together for another hour, if necessary, adding water, if the contents of the bowl will start to burn to the bottom. The finished dish sprinkle with parsley and serve immediately, hot.

Roasting pork knuckle in a slow cooker

Despite the fact that we are talking about baking the pork knuckle, the meat will need to add a small amount of liquids (especially beer), so it does not dry and does not burn to the bottom.


  • pork shank — 1.6 kg;
  • light beer — 480 ml;
  • garlic chives — 3 pieces;
  • onions — 170 g;
  • ground fenugreek — 1 1/2 tsp.


Preparing a shank (cleaning her, scorching the remains of the bristles, rinse, obsesiv) make on the skin surface small longitudinal incisions, if the fat layer under the skin is quite thick. Mix ground fenugreek with a good pinch of salt and pepper, mash the garlic to a paste and mix with spices. The resulting mixture was spread over the knuckle, filling everything, including the cuts.

Divide the onion into large pieces of arbitrary shape and place in a bowl, pour over the beer and put the flavored of course. Including the regime «Quenching», leave the latter to languish for over an hour and a half. When cooking the shank in a slow cooker will come to an end, the onion can be discarded, and the meat should be checked for readiness – if the fibres are easily separated from each other, the knuckle is ready.

How to cook the most delicious pork knuckle in a slow cooker?

The secrets of the most delicious pork knuckle, it is enough to combine ingredients and leave them to languish for several hours at low temperature.


  • pork shank — 1.6 kg;
  • tomato sauce 340 ml;
  • potatoes — 390 g;
  • sweet pepper 135 g;
  • Рулька в мультиварке

  • carrots — 210 g;
  • water — 265 ml;
  • onion — 140 g;
  • Bay leaves — 3 PCs.;
  • dried garlic — 1 tsp.


Start by preparing the vegetables. Divide the potatoes into cubes of equal size. Cut the carrot and onion in a similar way. Place the vegetables in a bowl, add water with tomato sauce and Bay leaves. Add the garlic and generous sepoti salt with sugar. In the resulting vegetable mixture place the knuckle and turn mode «Quenching» for 2 hours.


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