Glue for aquarium

Клей для аквариума

There are situations when the need arises to glue aquarium glass because of the cracks, or just to produce their own aquarium. And, of course, the question arises, what kind of glue for aquarium better.

How to choose sealant for aquarium?

On the market there is a huge range of sealants, but not every of them can be used for gluing aquarium, because the adhesive must be as reliable and safe.

Do not use glue to glue the tank if it is acrylic sealant. This glue does not have sufficient force of adhesion with glass, besides, it is not moisture resistant.

We should not use sealant based on butyl — although it is suitable for gluing of glasses, it does not have a sufficient margin of safety.

Not suitable for aquarium glass and polyurethane, polysulfide or a bituminous adhesive such types are mainly used in construction.

You can use epoxy sealants, but keep in mind that prior to consumption need to have a very thorough cleaning of the bonding surfaces, and they require a long time for hardening.

But silicone adhesive sealant, being versatile, ideal for the aquarium. This glue is used for domestic use, it is elastic, perfectly adheres to any surface, has a long service life. So when the question arises, what kind of glue needed for the aquarium, the answer is obvious – silicone.

Silicone sealant

Silicone sealant is non-toxic, in contact with water it does not emit harmful substances, guaranteeing the safety for living organisms in the aquarium.Клей для аквариума Use silicone adhesive for bonding glass aquarium very convenient because it freezes for 20 minutes, under the action of moisture in the air. Completely the polymerization process is completed after 24 hours, the sutures in this case are overstregnth in order to destroy their efforts should be 200 kg.

Being very elastic, this allows the glue joints to become rigid and do not corrode or cracks, this capacity of glue is also important in terms of possible temperature changes that often happen in an aquarium. Buying silicone sealant, select one that has no labels: «anti-fungal» and «anti-microbial».


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