How to clean the fish tank at home?

Как чистить аквариум в домашних условиях?

Undoubted decoration of any living room is the aquarium, especially if it simply glows with purity. To know how to properly clean the tank, you need to take into account some recommendations.

To clean the tank — this means getting rid of plaque on the walls, to clean the bottom, soil, filter, release aquarium plants from fish nibbled leaves, algae and rot, change the water.

The contents of the aquarium is, though small, but the ecosystem is, therefore, to intervene in it it is necessary very carefully. Cleaning should not be made more often than twice a week, because it’s kind of a stress for the aquarium inhabitants. Number of cleanings depends on the size of the aquarium, the degree of soiling, amount of living organisms contained therein, and the intensity of their activity.

To understand how best to clean the fish tank at home, you need to do in practice this procedure several times, and then you have to understand the sequence of cleaning and ease of use of various devices.

Experienced aquarists suggest that you start cleaning the aquarium from the wall, because they often accumulate the biggest amount of waste from functioning of fish and growth of algae.

Aquarium cleaning includes cleaning of surfaces of plants and water change. New water that will be poured into the aquarium, you should prepare in advance. Taken from the tap water should be filtered and at least 2-3 days to defend. It is advisable to make a partial replacement of water by 10-12% each week, carefully pouring it on the walls, so they should always be clean.

Cleaning the aquarium

Before immediately start to clean the walls of the aquarium, you should release them from excessively overgrown algae. Как чистить аквариум в домашних условиях?Live algae in the aquarium is environmentally friendly, but expanding, they fill the space and impede the free swimming fish.

To clean walls from algae, you should buy special scrapers, for example, magnetic — they do not scratch glass wall. You can use an ordinary sponge, which before was not used for cleaning to apply it the hard way.

It should not be used for cleaning of the aquarium glass household products — this may adversely affect organisms living in it. Timely cleaning of the aquarium extends the life of its inhabitants.


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