How to clean the pan from old coke?

Как очистить сковороду от застарелого нагара?

In the kitchen each hostess among other dishes also contain a frying pan. Because it cannot be avoided in the preparation of many dishes. It is therefore very important to keep the pan clean.

In many families the pan, especially if it is cast iron and will last a very long time. During this time it accumulates black carbon, which is quite difficult to cope. Let’s find out how you can clean the pan from old soot in the home.

Cleaning the pan of a Deposit

If you want to clean a Teflon pan from a burn, which appeared on its external side, it is necessary to use special means. Remember that this pan is not recommended to be cleaned by means of abrasive and coarse iron sinks. It is better to use such means, for example, as Subunit. Good product for cleaning pans produces and Amway. Using these same tools can be cleaned of sludge and ceramic frying pan.

Cleaning an iron skillet is more time-consuming job. Therefore, if on the outside of the pan there is a thick layer of soot, you can try to scrape with a knife, and then use the cleaner.

There is a great old way to clean the pan from the soot inside and out. This requires several hours to boil the pan in water with the addition of stationery glue, washing powder and soda. After that, the sludge from the pan easily comes off with a wire brush.

Carbon Deposit inside an iron skillet can be removed this way. In the pan, sprinkle two tablespoons of salt, pour vinegar so that it covered the entire bottom of the pan. The capacity to put on the fire. After the contents of the pan starts to boil, add one-fourth Cup of baking soda. Lowered the fire, boil the mixture until most of the liquid has evaporated. Как очистить сковороду от застарелого нагара?After this, the carbon brush is removed.

A frying pan made of aluminium can be cleaned using this method. If the soot is light, it can be removed by cooking some time in a pan a mixture of citric acid and water. Then allow the solution to cool slightly, drain it and rinse out the container.

An aluminum pan can be cleaned of sludge and another way. In a glass of warm water add 10 grams of borax, and ammonia. Dampen a sponge in this mixture and wipe the dishes. After that, rinse the pan under running water.


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