What gifts not to give?

Какие подарки нельзя дарить?

Each of us sooner or later faces the problem of choosing a gift – birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other celebration. In order not to seem tactless person and not to spoil the culprit (the culprit) celebration celebration, observe the following tips:

  • flowers are always appropriate for all, whether man or woman;
  • not to buy the first cute thing or to buy a gift «on the run»;
  • be sure to ask what kind of gifts, due to various reasons, can not be given at all.

Gifts that can not be given

First of all, eliminate gifts «with a hint», for example, a scale (a hint of extra weight), personal hygiene (an allusion to the uncleanliness), epilators and the like. Unethical to give underwear and it’s considered bad form to present a man as a gift of sweets or a woman, the cooking utensils. Give up the idea to present a gift of perfume (eau de Cologne, toilet water), no matter how expensive they wouldn’t be – such a gift is appropriate only when you are absolutely sure of the preferences of recipients. Should refrain from unexpected gifts in the form of animals – the gift can create a lot of inconvenience and problems.

There are also a number of gifts that do not give by reason of superstition, as if it didn’t look funny, but nevertheless…. So that, for example, you cannot give for a birthday? First of all, the mirrors are supposedly attracted to the house of diseases and scandals, watches – symbolize the separation; in any case it is impossible to give knifes and forks (any sharps) – to quarrels in the family. There are their superstitions and beliefs in terms of offering gifts for men or women. Here are some of the will not to give a man – handkerchiefs (it’s considered the attribute of the funeral ceremony), Slippers (symbolic of death), icons (except collectibles) – to a quarrel between the giver and the receiver.


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