What is deja vu from a scientific point of view

Almost 90% of people had ever experienced the sensation of the frequency of occurrence of the situation, or deja vu, which in French means «already seen». The causes of such feelings is not fully understood. However, thanks to the efforts of experts formed the basis for research in psychiatry, opening the veil of secrecy the occurrence of deja vu.

Что такое дежавю с точки зрения науки

The main reasons

From the point of view of psychiatry the appearance of DEJAVU is possible in the following cases:

– age crises, associated with puberty and accompanied by a high psycho-emotional tension;

regular stressful situations;

– chronic fatigue, leading to the depressed state of the nervous system;

– in rare cases, serious abnormalities of the brain.

There is also a version that forgotten dreams sooner or later pop up in real life through the effect of deja vu. That is, the brain starts to function actively in a similar situation and releases the peripheral memories of the dream.

Should I be afraid of deja vu?

If we take the scientific point of view the occurrence of déjà vu, then, of course, be afraid of such a phenomenon is not worth it. The only exception are the cases, when déjà vu occur frequently and are accompanied by strong emotional outbursts, and panic attacks. In this case, you must visit a qualified and undergo examinations to exclude serious pathologies of the brain. In other cases, DEJAVU is a normal reaction of the human psyche to the events in my life.

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