How to choose an effective medicine against nasal congestion

In the period of the changeable spring weather, more and more cases of the disease SARS. In the first Sunny days we rush to abandon hats and warm jackets, put on the fancy jackets. It was not surprising that after these walks we have a fever and laid his nose. If you do not defer treatment, rhinitis will be held in a few days! But how to choose the most effective nasal drops?

Как выбрать эффективные капли от заложенности носа

Standing in front of the counter pharmacy, we start to be confused in the abundance of all kinds of drugs. So let us try to understand the types of drugs from nasal congestion.


These drops affect the root cause of disease — viruses and bacteria. Antivirals help the body fight infection. Usually these preparations contain interferon, which helps to increase the immunity of the person. Complement the treatment of rhinitis in this case, immunostimulating agents (IRS-19, Kagocel, Rimantadine). The most popular antiviral sprays — Grippferon, Interferon.


Drops this group is perfect for cleansing and washing of the nasal sinuses. Most of them are preparations based on seawater. The salt has a bactericidal action, so washing the salt spray will alleviate the symptoms of rhinitis. The Maritime solution will relieve swelling and increase the immune system to fight the virus. Moisturizers suitable for any stage of a cold and are safe for babies. Members of the family moisturizing — Akvamaris, Aqualor, Salin.


Substances to liquefy secretions from the nasal cavity are assigned mainly when purulent rhinitis. The main active ingredient here is mucolytic. It dilutes the contents of the nose, and then restores the normal flow of mucus. include special ingredients. The most effective drugs in this category — Rinofluimucil, Sinuforte.


Vasoconstrictor drugs more widely represented in pharmacies and used more often. Their action is aimed at temporary relief of symptoms of stuffiness. So, when you use sosudosuzhivayuschih drugs treatment does not occur, but easier breathing and relieve from swelling for 8-12 hours. There is a wide selection available as budget preparations (Naphazoline, Galazolin) and the means expressed influence (ksimelin, Ringstop, Snoop). But to get involved they shouldn’t do, otherwise you will get in addition to runny nose drug Allergy. We recommend that you use only at night or when bright the symptoms of rhinitis.


If the flow from the nose not related to a viral nature, you can apply a special anti-allergic medications. These include «Vibrozil» and «Adriana».


Among the means of plant origin for the treatment of nasal congestion it should be noted the drug «Sinupret». Homeopathic drops factcheck have no contraindications, except individual intolerance. These drugs are harmless, but to say that they will be effective specifically for you – impossible.

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