How to learn about the propensity to diabetes of the 1st type (insulin-dependent)

Causes of diabetes of the 1st type — the weakening of the functions of the pancreas and liver due to a genetic predisposition and improper diet. However, often the diabetes of the 2nd type goes to the diabetes of the 1st type because of autoimmune diseases that can be seen on his arm, just by scanning it.

Как узнать о склонности к диабету 1-го типа (инсулинозависимому)


1. Diabetes mellitus of the 1st type appears most often in people under 30 years of age as disorders of the immune system. This is manifested by a characteristic symptom: lots of small white dots on the palm.

2. You should also pay attention to the presence of the mercury line, which speaks of predraspolozhennosti to breach the isolation of enzymes (insulin and glucagon) in the pancreas.
Since the mellitus of the 1st type often leads the metabolism on the background of other illnesses, consider as it appears on the hand.
The tendency line indicates gastritis of the stomach, reaching the edge of the palm, passing with a slope up the hill of the moon in the direction of the lines of mercury.
The tendency to cholestasis (stagnation of bile in the liver) indicates the line is located closer to the bracelet.
On the propensity to hyperglycemia (increased glucose level in the blood) indicates a thick line running horizontally from the edge of the palm, on the hill of the moon.
The tendency to allergies is indicated by the line that goes to the lifeline.

3. The tendency to an excessive assimilation of carbohydrates by the intestine specifies the line of the intestine, which may indicate also and enterocolitis (inflammation of the thin/thick intestine).

4. To reduce the risk of insulin-dependent diabetes, it is necessary to use substances similar to insulin. They are contained in burdock root, leaf mother and stepmother, the sheet of walnut, bean sprout, the root of elecampane, artichoke. The most effective vegetable is the Jerusalem artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke is very undemanding and undemanding to glaze, it is easy to grow and store. It make delicious salads, as from radish.

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