How to sew guy so he’s not offended?

Как отшить парня, чтобы он не обиделся?

There are times when a relationship with a guy does not add up, and should be used with care to conclude. However, it is not so easy, because the guy has completely opposite goals and sometimes ready to fight to the end. In addition, the refusal of the girl from further relations can be interpreted as a call to even greater action. Because men by nature are hunters, and they have even more interest if the girl has to win.

Usually in this situation, girls are looking for how to sew guy so he’s not offended. In most cases, recommended techniques reach its result. However, sometimes a guy might be offended, even if the explanations were spoken with all the tact and delicacy. In this case, do not worry, because everything was done that can.

How delicately to put off a boy?

Psychologists recommend such a course of action, how to dump a guy without offending:

  • You must select an appropriate conversation for the situation. Do not conduct a conversation in the presence of unauthorized persons, as this may injure the psyche of a young man. Not the best option for conversation is someone’s apartment. Much better would be to have a conversation in a public place, but where no one will disturb you: in a Park, cafe.
  • To start a conversation better with descriptions of positive character traits guy. It should say that it has a lot of advantages and is a good friend. What are you ready to be friends with him or just to chat, but you can’t give what he is waiting for you, as if your feelings are silent.
  • Should talk without a shadow of coquetry and guile. All words should be unambiguous and clear.
  • If you hold a conversation difficult, you can write a letter, which should also begin with the positive points.
  • If a guy is just starting to care, and you are not planning a relationship with him, you can tell him that you already have a young person with whom you have a great relationship.
  • Once the conversation has occurred, you should minimize contact with this person, that he cherished no hope.
  • You can use a more complex way to gently put off a boy. To do this, ask a friend to accompany you, pretending that you are a couple. At the same time to talk and explain anything not necessary, since all will be clear without words.
  • The most effective method of how to gently dump a guy is indifference. Enough calm, quiet, bored yawn at the meeting and not to maintain any conversations that interest ebbed.
  • How to dump a guy nicely?

    Polite subtle rejection allows you to save a guy a good relationship and not to humiliate him. You can do this by using such phrases:

    • you’re a great guy, and you are sure to be a girlfriend;
    • my feelings are silent, so I can’t be with you together;
    • I hope you’re not offended, because offense is for the weak;
    • Как отшить парня, чтобы он не обиделся?

    • I have no right to keep you around, because you do not cherish the feelings of love;
    • we should separate, so you could find your soul mate;
    • I now like loneliness, so I’m asking you to leave my life;
    • we’d better leave, because you can’t treat me like a friend, and I can’t be more than a friend;
    • let’s just nicely break up with you without explanation and reproach;
    • I Iike you, so don’t want to hurt you, and ask that we just broke up;
    • my heart cannot love you, so you better not waste my time and try to find their other half.

    Not always possible to put off a guy politely and delicately. In some cases it may be necessary rigidity and straightness, the guy realized that the girl is not going to have anything to do with it.


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