«Water Sassi» – a unique drink for weight loss

«Water Sassi» is a balanced cocktail composed of the optimum ratio of vitamins and minerals. The name of the drink must known nutritionist Cynthia Sass, which have developed the unique recipe that includes a few simple components.

"Вода Сасси": способ приготовления и эффективность


The method of preparation and efficiency

The drink has unique properties such as the ability to quickly remove toxins and wastes from the cells of the body, the digestion of adipose tissue in a short time, normalizing metabolism and the gastro-intestinal tract.

To prepare the «Water Sassi» you should purchase about 2 litres of clean water, young cucumber, 12 mint leaves and fresh ginger root. All the ingredients are mixed in large containers and then bottled in bottles or cans. Be sure to give the cocktail to infuse. So the nutrients contained in ginger, lemon, mint and cucumber will be able to fully dissolve in water. Ready to drink, you can strain through several layers of cheesecloth.

How to drink Water «Sassi»?

The Creator of the healing cocktail party advises to include water in your daily diet. However, the most important rule in this issue – balanced diet. If you want to drink Water «Sassi», but there are a lot of fatty foods and sweets, about the positive result you can forget.

Your menu should consist of plenty of fresh vegetables, protein foods, fruits, dairy products, cereals and wholemeal. When the system power is established, you can start drinking it. Every day should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses «of Water Sassi». The recommended caloric content of the food eaten daily should not be more than 1400-1600 calories. The first effect of drinking can be seen after 2-4 weeks.

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