How to trim Orchid

Orchid is an amazing flower of species of exotic plants, and requires special attention. The pruning process is rather complicated and has several important stages. If you learn the simple rules to care for plant, Orchid will delight flowering for a long time.

Как обрезать орхидею


Preparation of flower

Before trimming you should carefully consider the stalk of a plant and to estimate the degree of wilting. You need to find the stem, which previously housed the inflorescence. The first sign of readiness to pruning orchids – yellow, brown or brown color of the stem. This suggests that it is possible to start the process of removing excess parts of a flower.

Do not forget to prepare in advance a specialized garden shears, which need to handle chlorine solution or alcohol-containing substance. You will also need a small piece of wax, as after cutting the cavity in the stem should be closed to avoid ingress of moisture.

General recommendations

Orchid will be actively fruitful in the case of compliance with General recommendations on pruning:

1. As a rule, the removal of the stem occurs in the autumn. Optimal months – October and November.

2. The cut is made with a sharp pruner. So you can avoid jagged edges and damage. The distance from the root system to cut must be no more than 1 cm.

3. Please note that the stalk be of the kidneys. This is important for later flowering plants.

4. When pruning be sure to use gloves to poisonous SAP from getting on your skin.

5. Cut orchids treat with antiseptic solution, which can be purchased at any specialty store to care for flowers.

6. After the procedure the Orchid for a few weeks, you need to look carefully because the plant is particularly vulnerable during this period.

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