How to make multifunctional the basket out of felt

Basket of felt this pattern will be useful in the household, and as bags for shopping.

Как сделать многофункциональную корзину из фетра

This basket of felt will be handy for storing clothes, magazines, it can be put on an open shelf Cabinet to put small things in it like in a box (instead of buying in store a special cardboard box, which is very expensive). And the pattern can be adapted to make the same pattern bag for shopping.

You will need: felt, scissors, needle or sewing machine, thread in color or contrast.


1. Make pattern basket made of paper according to the scheme below. For this proportion to increase the scheme to the desired size, for example, if you will do the basket for she was playing the role of drawer for small items in the open shelf Cabinet, check that the height of the basket (C)+handle height was not greater than the height of the shelves, and the width (A) and length (In) respectively have also come up.

Как сделать многофункциональную корзину из фетра

2. Cut the basket out of felt using a pattern. If the felt is not too thick and not hold the shape, make another one the same detail and stitch them together along the contour. If the felt is thick enough, the firm only handles the second layer of the same material.

Useful tip:of course, you can sew a basket out of felt, but any thin fabric. However, in this case, you will have to do the lining and use a sealer so that the basket fit.

3. Make slits along the dotted lines. Before cutting the fabric, double check that the length of the slits was equal to the width of the handles.

4. Keep this basket in the folded form, and for use to collect her. To do this, simply slide handle through slots in the sidewalls (see photo).

Helpful hint: to make this pattern bag for shopping, just reduce the depth of the cart (In) to the thickness of the bag (I think a good size At 10 to 30 cm approximately).

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