What to do if the printer stops printing

Today the printer is in almost every family, because it is necessary and reports to the child to prepare for school, and schemes of knitting are easier to print and not to read them from the computer screen. If you work in the mode of self-employment, without a printer just can not do, because the public authorities handwritten documents often just take. That’s why when the printer stops printing, this becomes a huge problem.

Что делать если не печатает принтер?

Sometimes this problem can be solved independently. Let’s see, in which case the printer is not necessary to carry in shop.

Check whether your printer into the socket. Yes, this happens, move the printer or just needed to free the socket for another device, but the printer may be trite unplugged. After that, check whether the printer itself (many models must be not only plugged in but also refer to the ready state special switch on the housing). If the printer is connected to power supply and turned on, it has little noise and again «silence» (self-test).

See whether the printer is connected with computer with a special cord. By the way, if the cord is on one side not fully inserted (no full contact connectors), the printer will not print.

The printer may hang. In this case you should turn off the printer, pull the power cord and wait at least one minute. Then turn the unit on and try to print a document.

Check that the printer you sent the print job. Your printer should be installed by default as primary. You can check this in the settings of the OS.

The printer may not print because it is over ink (toner). In this case, of course, you need to buy a new cartridge or take available to fill. By the way, the sale is fueling kits with which to refill some cartridges can handle on their own.

Does not print the printer and when not set or «off» driver (the software that manages the operation of this useful device). The driver is on the CD that is included with each new printer, so that you can reinstall on their own. Also driver you can find on the Internet.

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