How to recognize the manipulator?

Manipulation is a kind of psychological violence. The manipulator always plays the role of the aggressor and the person being manipulated is in the victim role. How to recognize that you are trying to use, manipulate your feelings?

Как быстро распознать манипулятора?

A manipulator will always try to shame you, accuse, make you feel guilty. If during the conversation you feel such attitude, pressure from the opponent, it is not necessary to succumb to its influence. We need to clearly stick to their point of view, to stand on their opinion no matter what.

There is also a type of manipulators who like to press on pity, trying thus, for example, to throw you on your job. In no case do not succumb to provocations. You should make it clear to the person that you have your Affairs and you do not intend to perform the duties of others. Otherwise, such a person will always be you to use.

The manipulator may attempt to elicit aggression. In no case do not succumb to provocations. Speak calmly, no matter how he tried to provoke a conflict. In the future as little as possible to communicate with this person.

The manipulator is constantly confusing. For example, it happens that you discuss one question, and he immediately jumps to another topic of conversation. As a result, you are not able to gather my thoughts and remember what he was talking about. Here we need to remind the person about what was going on, and ask not to be confused, to first discuss one thing and then switch to another.

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