What better slings or kangaroo?

Young mom need help with the transportation of the child. Since the stroller is quite bulky and awkward, is now very popular accessories such as slings and kangaroo. But many mothers are wondering what is better to choose a sling or a kangaroo? What would be the baby? And how it will be convenient for mom?

Что лучше слинги или кенгуру?

Let’s weigh all the “pros” and ”cons”. In the kangaroo legs of the baby hang out and not fully protected, but in the sling of the baby’s head is fixed and the stem is visible only from the knees – this suggests that the sling is more reliable than kangaroos.

Another advantage of the sling is that the weight of the baby in the sling is distributed evenly over the body and legs wide breeding is a preventive of various diseases of the spine and joints, but in the kangaroos the weight of the baby is distributed on the lower spine, which is not very useful for the child.

Also, buying a kangaroo, you should pay attention to the fact that the baby was recorded, held tightly to his mother’s breast and dangled with every movement, otherwise the spine gets the extra load and this may lead to undesirable consequences for health.

Obligatory condition of use of the sling is the ability to properly and comfortably accommodate the child. Unlike the kangaroo, which has a fixed and rigid form, the sling should be able to use, so in order to avoid mistakes, you should either read the helpful articles and video tutorials or by attending the consultation and in practice with a specialist to learn all the tricks of the use of the sling.

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