Water pump for aquarium

Водяной насос для аквариума

Draw in your mind an aquarium. In it you will place the fish, some vegetation, colored stones… And in one corner of your aquarium you will probably presented the rising stream of bubbles, saturating the water with oxygen. They appear due to the water pump, which is busy pumping water. About it we’ll talk.

Features of water pump for aquarium

I must say that the functions of this pump are not limited to mechanical stretch of water. In particular, his work helps to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the water column. Feeding water into the filtration system, it also is useful in the purification of the aquarium. Finally, the water pump may have decorative features: on the imagination of the aquarist depends on whether it decoration aquarium design, form whether he bubbles a fountain or waterfall.

From the point of view of its location relative to the aquarium, the water pump can be submersible (deep) and outer (external); for a modest-sized aquarium is better the second option. It is clear that each of the options will be your mount, but on the power of the water pump the way it fastens, it is not affected.

Water pump for aquarium you can do with your hands. For example, for the manufacture of a simple external pump as the bases need a plastic box: on its lower surface it is necessary to make two holes for the hose, and the cap a hole a little bigger, which also includes a diaphragm of thin rubber.

Pasting petals of silicone in the holes made at the bottom of the box, it is possible by means of the crank to connect the membrane with a small motor (e.g. toy cars), which would then be connected to a power source. At the end of this to the assembled structure connects to the hose. Water pump for aquarium is ready.


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