Sand for the aquarium

Песок для аквариума

Enjoying rapid fish and pensively swaying water plants, we sometimes forget that the aquarium is a miniature ecosystem. And great value it is covering the bottom of the aquarium substrate, which introduces a vegetation and functioning organisms. Popular as ground for aquarium uses, like gravel and sand; but we focus on more natural of them, the second.

The sand in the aquarium as a primer

Obvious advantages of sand as soil for aquarium is its natural look and the fact that plants thrive better it is. On the other hand, it is worth considering that for use as a primer in an aquarium of river sand previously long and rinse thoroughly. In addition, on the surface of the sand will be clearly visible debris, and clean the aquarium will need quite often (although the coverage in the form of sand cleaning the aquarium much easier – you can spend above the bottom of the siphon, not even touching).

It is not recommended to use for aquarium decorations exceptional white sand on the background of the fish turn pale, which creates the overall impression of restraint and inhibition. Black sand, is considered to be more advantageous to create a whole image — it perfectly sets off the brightness and liveliness of the inhabitants of the aquarium. However, you can always experiment by combining a few colors.

With regard to sparkling coral sand, despite his flamboyancy, he is not suitable for every aquarium. It is used in that case, if you want to increase the hardness and acidity of water, due to the high content of lime. The reason for such measures may become overly soft water in the region, or a particular preference for hard water fish.


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