What to gift wife on wedding anniversary?

Что подарить жене на годовщину свадьбы?

Thinking about what to give to his wife on their first wedding anniversary, we should remember about the title of this date – «Cotton wedding». On this date it is not customary to give very expensive gifts, rather they should be theme associated with chintz, although nowadays, with the huge selection of fabrics, the gift can be chosen from any textile.

A great gift can be a Terry robe or blanket, especially if the holiday falls on autumn or winter cold weather. If you well know the taste and preferences of the young wife, it’ll please the woman something new to wear, or items associated with housing, such as new curtains, tablecloth with napkins, a set of pastel linen.

What else can give his wife on their wedding anniversary? To please a young wife and you gift not related to the topic of the first anniversary, especially if you know exactly what a woman dreams that she wants to get in that day.

Congratulations to the wife after two years of marriage

What to get a wife on second wedding anniversary, which was given the name «Paper»? It could be a favorite book, a scrapbook, a diary. If you are confused in choosing a gift – you can give money, because they paper too, especially if you know exactly Что подарить жене на годовщину свадьбы?what a gift a woman wants them to buy.

Second anniversary of living together is also called «Glass», so as a gift may be presented with a beautiful vase, a set, or can be beads of natural stone.

An original gift to his wife on a wedding anniversary, despite all tradition, can be a second honeymoon trip, another honeymoon, which you will arrange for her as a surprise. May it be a romantic dinner, during which you will hear words about love, and will be presented with a personal gift that has meaning only for the two of you.


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