What is different about the sapphire crystal from a mineral?

Among the most popular types of glasses in production hours, as well as mobile screens is sapphire and mineral. What is the specificity of both materials? What is different about the sapphire crystal from a mineral?

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Facts about sapphire glass

This material is artificial sapphire, which has properties quite close to natural. Grown the type of glass made of aluminum oxide. For this purpose the substance is heated to a temperature of over 2000 degrees Celsius, and then it is added to ready sapphire crystal and fuses with the aluminum oxide. In the process of interaction of these substances and the hardening of the atoms formed a new crystal sapphire. Subsequently he removed from the unit and is cooled. The finished glass is then necessary processing.

Technology, deployed in the manufacture of the material, is very difficult. In the global market suppliers of sapphire glass. The high level of adaptability of this material makes it sufficiently expensive. But its price is justified.

The fact that the appropriate type of glass is characterized by a high degree of resistance to scratching, as in hardness it is significantly superior to the majority of the materials used by man in household and periodically acting on the glass mechanically. The hardness of the material on the Mohs scale — 9 units. In fact, synthetic sapphire is inferior in this indicator only to diamond. Another feature of the sapphire — it has a special luster that persists for a very long time.

Two key characteristics of the material hardness and exceptional luster — correspond to those that are natural sapphire. However, artificial material in most cases is transparent and has a natural blue color. In some cases, artificial sapphire glass in the production of added impurities in order to coloring material. For example, in order to bring its color to natural, experts of the manufacturer of the material as the corresponding additives can be used iron. It should be noted that the addition of chromium gives glass ruby shade.

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Mineral glass, come in several varieties (most often in the form of silicate and quartz), is characterized as sapphire, sufficiently high resistance to scratching and has a good performance of transparency. The hardness of the material on the Mohs scale 5-6 units. Its main advantage is relatively low cost.

Mineral glass is made from common types of mineral raw materials with the addition of the oxides of some types of metals. Initially, a high temperature alloy consisting of these substances, and after a while it is cooled while giving the desired shape. The result is a product made from versatile with optimum physical properties and moreover inexpensive material.

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The main difference between sapphire glass from mineral is, of course, chemical composition. The first material is made of crystals of aluminum oxide, the second — from raw materials, are mainly widespread minerals. Differ the production technology of the considered varieties of glass. The sapphire crystal is manufactured by the method of growing crystals of the mineral by melting raw materials.

However, the appearance of both versions of the glass is not easy to distinguish. Particularly high-quality varieties of the mineral material is so similar in physical properties to an artificial sapphire that identifying the difference between them is only by a skillful person.

And there are Amateur ways to clarify a specific type of material. For example, you can take the watch with the display of glass in your hand and observe how quickly they heat up. Typically, the sapphire glass is heated much longer than mineral. Another method is to drop a drop of water glass. If it does not spread, the surface of the watch, probably made of sapphire.

It can be noted that in some varieties of products, which uses glass (for example, in a wristwatch) apply both materials. In this case, the sapphire layer is usually outside and it is much thinner than that made of mineral glass.

Defining the difference between sapphire and mineral glass, fix its criteria in a small table.

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Sapphire glass
Mineral glass

Made from aluminum oxide through sapphire crystal growing
Is made of common minerals by melting when adding the oxides of certain metals

Characterized by a very high resistance to scratching
Less resistant to scratching

Is more expensive

Has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale
Has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale

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